Southern Cross Gaming!!

Welcome to Southern Cross Gaming! A cool place for cool furries to play cool videogames!

About us

Hello! Southern Cross Gaming is a furry gaming group run by Rowdy! Rowdy is a Crux! And the Crux is also known as the Southern Cross! Isn't that neat? We run all kinds of games! Sometimes even movies and stuff too, you should totally join us! :)

Our awesome steam community!

We also have a mail dog friend! You can add him to your steam friends and he'll deliver you the best letters!


We have all kinds of servers! Come play with us!

Team Fortress 2

Chocolate -
Rainbow -
Strawberry -
Front Line Fudge -
Vanilla -


Buttermilk -

Sven Coop

Lemon Sno Cone -, Password: Tacotime

Left 4 Dead 2

Rottenberry -

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