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Discussion started on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 @ 03:25 AM EST by...

Introducing: the Spraymaker5000!


Spraymaker5000 can make super high quality sprays the like you've never seen before! Your typical high quality spray is 512x512 pixels, but Spraymaker5000 can do 1024x1020 pixels!


  • Easy to use click-and-drag UI!
  • Autocrop!
  • Scale to: Fit, Fill, Stretch, None! See here:
  • Easily determine the highest possible quality given the number of frames and mipmaps!
  • Make super high quality 1024x1020 pixel sprays!
  • Make animated sprays with the highest possible resolution for the number of frames needed!
  • Make fading sprays (resolution must be power of 2)!
  • Make animated fading sprays, because why not!
  • Automatically install sprays to games!

And here's a look at the UI:

Automatically installing the spray to specified games:
Spraymaker5000 BETA version installing to specified games
Making a super high quality 1024x1020 pixel spray:
Spraymaker5000 BETA version super high quality spray
Making an animated spray:
Spraymaker5000 BETA version animated spray
Making a fading spray, which is also uncompressed black and white (L8):
Spraymaker5000 BETA version fading spray
The ugly original example picture:
Spraymaker5000 BETA version

Just what's the big deal? See the quality difference for yourself:
(imgur additionally compresses images a bit, but you get the idea)

Download latest version:
Spraymaker5000 BETA version
SHA1: AFAC64025B4D519183E8A91BC4F9A5E3B4EF207D
SHA256: 82B6FA5D8E690946CDC0BB8BAAE2A4E02A268A410BFEEB24988F0A40939215E9

Download previous versions:
Spraymaker5000 BETA version
SHA1: 6A3CF56AA87F5187AC1CB45E1A946174D40B02A6
SHA256: C67E20A0EAFE6436A5AEDCC919AB6BF35BA2A318477BC60D24AB11376B546CF0

Spraymaker5000 BETA version
SHA1: BB1B02C63AEC2F34A706E618E49E1E94D97420E1
SHA256: 70A839FFDBA3C17C5E96C145D7F225CAABDF35460B8DAB42DBF99DF53DADAC53

Spraymaker5000 BETA version
SHA1: 2A046E446458A0D05D59E56A657A48CE404DE7DC
SHA256: AF33CBC24A797FAA90E67744F0CDD0380F8984D063AA54FE0F8C44BA3E89ED93

Spraymaker5000 BETA version
SHA1: AB241FB90F692A572CC65FAE11B7BD9C812D6E5D
SHA256: 668E49617BA6141483FE173AF6A114D4E9B3E700603174A2094B7FB9B127F91B

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== Updated to
Added "Point Sampling". Turns out my previous test was incorrect in some way. Use this option for pixel art.
Removed "Not Recommended" from lossless formats to avoid discouraging users from using them, I guess?
Small progressbar improvement

== Updated to
New features:
Scale modes: Fit, Fill, Stretch, None
Another small progressbar improvement.
Small UI changes.
Changed the default image format to DXT1A since the default Scale Mode is "Fit", so a transparent background/border will be default.
Upscaling pixel art in-program doesn't look good due to lacking the Box algorithm.
Scaling is now done in C#.NET rather than crnlib, so it will be somewhat slower. This was required to enable the new features. Known issue: scaling doesn't mirror XY so borders will ghost... maybe I should have just used Imagick.NET instead of native C# despite the 13MB DLL dependency.

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Added a new feature to "Install to" detected installed games. I think it should work for any game which has sprays enabled, but not every game listed will have sprays enabled.

See that here: [img][/img]

== Updated to
Fixed UI bug where the mipmap size warning would remain after turning off mipmaps.
Removed the soft limits on odd resolutions (ex. 512x511 A8L8) when not using DXT compression.
Added warning about Point Sample (pixel art) not supporting mipmaps.
Added "Install to" feature which will automatically import the sprays to each of the selected games. Note: Not all games listed will actually support sprays.

== Updated to
Forked and made some changes.
Performance and quality improvements:

  • Added autocrop, scale modes, and background compositing to Crunch, instead of doing it in C#.
  • Now includes 64-bit Crunch binary.
    Pixel Art checkbox now sets scale algorithm to Box. Should maintain pixel-ness better this way when scaled.

== Updated to
Fixed a bug causing Spraymaker5000 to crash on start if it fails to find game paths
Added a transparent black colour and set it as default instead of transparent white, so borders on scaled alpha images are less dark.
Set the resolution inputs' maximums to 4096, as any higher gets clamped to 4096. Though that's way bigger than any spray could be anyway.
Added GameBanana link to contacts

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