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Murder mod - Last update 7/22/2018

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What is Murder?

Murder is a gamemode originally made for Garrysmod. The game begins with all players being spawned in and given a random role. A player can be innocent, a detective, a fool, or the murderer.

The murderer's job is to kill everyone as quietly as they can. They are given a knife, and if they fail to kill someone within a 80 second time frame, a new murderer is chosen.

The detective's job is to kill the murderer. They are given a single shot pistol with a slow reload time. There can be up to two detectives at a given time depending on the number of living players. If a detective kills an innocent player, they are killed as well.

The fool's job is different...they want to be killed. If the fool is killed by the detective, the game is over.

The innocent's job is simply to run around, easy-peasy.

When a player dies, they are transferred to blue team and turned into a ghost. Ghost players cannot be seen or heard (Voice / Text dead chat is disabled) by the enemy team.


(!<command> & /<command> are for chat, sm_<command> is for console)
sm_mmhelp - Opens the help menu
murdermusic - Toggles the murder music

Version history

0.6.0 - SCG version

  • Fixed a number of timer bugs
  • Two sheriffs will spawn when there are 6 or more players
  • Players now become ghosts on death
  • Inspecting items now force kills the person trying to inspect

0.6.1-SCG - Credits to Fraeven for these changes

  • Cleaned up and optimized a ton of code pieces
  • Adjusted the stats on the Pistol (Pistol now fires 3 bullets per shot, reload speed is slightly increased) these changes were implemented to help cut back on hit detection troubles due to friendly fire lag compensation
  • Adjusted the stats on the knife (Knife's range is now similar to that of the Disciplinary Action), these changes were also implemented to help cut back on hit detection troubles.
    -Added new class : The fool (The Fool's objective is to be killed by a detective, a detective must avoid killing the fool at all costs)

0.6.2-SCG - Credits to Fraeven for these changes

  • Added murderer run cool down
  • Added multiple cvars for configuration
  • Made debug logging more consistent
  • Fool now has a chance to spawn (defaults to 50% once at 6 players or above)
  • Two detectives will now trigger at 8 players instead of 6 by default (configurable)
  • De-duped some code

-- Murder Mod Update (0.6.3-SCG) --

  • Add support for more than 1 murderer (at 10 players, there will be 2)
  • Add cvar sm_mm_ignorebots to toggle ignoring bots as clients (on by default)
  • Add custom team names for win panel
  • Slightly increased recharge rate of the murderer's run ability
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix ghosts being unable to see living players
    • Fix issues with some timers not checking for valid clients


This mod was originally created by SomePanns with help from the contributor SnowTigerVidz.

The version SCG uses was patched up and modified by Rowedahelicon featuring additions and additional fixes by Fraeven

The custom map, arena_mannor, was created by JonTheFriendlyFox

Get the wallpaper here :

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