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Last year's winner, done by Aulli!

The Contest

Hey folks! It is that time of year yet again!

The whatever annual SCG Halloween Group Icon contest! The rules are simple, you must create a group icon that we will use for the month of October. Last year we had theme, this year we don't, go wild! Just keep it Halloween related! Need an inspiration for a theme? Try a dark carnival!

The Prizes

  1. First place wins a special Halloween drawing from me! They get to be Player of the whatever on the SCG Steam Group, a special flair on the Jewelbox, and a secret 4th prize!

  2. Second place winner gets a special Halloween sketch from me, a special flair on the Jewelbox, and a secret 3rd prize!

  3. Third place winner will get a special flair on the Jewelbox!

All entries will be shown off in a follow up thread!

The Details

Submissions must be emailed to me at my email, [email protected], with the subject "Halloween2018". You may also post them in this thread if you wish!

You must send in your submissions by October 4th, by 11:59 PM Pacific time!

The only rules are that they must be at least a 512x512 image, you can use my fursona or your fursona if you wish inside of it, and it must contain the Southern Cross in some shape or form. (Either the literal cross or stars or something)

Here is a download to a template file of the original logo for you if you desire it!

And the following are previous winners should you need inspiration! - Kingaroo - Kingaroo - Zeaig - Magpie - Aulli

Hey while you're here, did you check out our Halloween questionnaire?

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1st place is by Aulli!


2nd place is by Dan!


3rd is by Anthrocyanin


And ... this is by Metka


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