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Discussion started on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 @ 09:01 PM EDT by...
iconPoe Stallmann Species : Welsh Corgi SCG Service member
Rain sleep snow or hail, I will always nom your mail!

Bark bark!
I got a special letter, an update! Here are the details!

-Fixed a crash bug related to the Thermal Thruster and other malformed weapon models (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla,IMPORTANT,VALVE BUG)

-[Deathrun,Dodgeball] Ghosts can now teleport to living players by calling for medic (Rainbow)

-As a ghost, you can now call for medic to be teleported near a random living player.

-Fixed a bug with the Building hats plugin that would sometimes cause an Engineer's sentry placement dome to appear for all players (Rainbow)
-Ghosts are now only visible to players on their team (Rainbow)
-The Store now supports weapons (Chocolate,Rainbow)

The store now supports being able to purchase weapons like the Saxxy, the Golden Wrench, and more! Compared to the original, these are no longer single use items. You can use them any time!

-Server console spam has been cleaned up internally (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
--updated cp_mainline from rc5 to rc6 (Chocolate,Rainbow)
-Payload cart issue (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Fixed a small bug with the MVM difficulty mod that may have caused stutter (Front Line Fudge)
-Fixed the Short Circuit showing up in pre-round slaughter (Chocolate,Rainbow)
-Fixed a big with Halloween maps featuring go-karts that would cause a double shot to play when firing weapons on some clients (Chocolate,Rainbow,VALVE BUG)

The solution is better explained here :

-The chat message for RTD has been hidden when RTD is no longer active (Rainbow)
-Assorted chat messages that could be seen as spammy have been removed (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-GeoIP for server connect messages has been updated to a modern version (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Removed a redundant instance of sourcecomms from FLF (Front Line Fudge)
-Added a new vote bot option with fail-safes (Chocolate,Rainbow)

Replacing custom votes on Chocolate and Rainbow, the custom bot voter is able to check ahead of time if the current map even supports bots, as well as if there are enough player slots open for bot spawns before triggering a server vote.

-Fixed the mvm mission file to properly cycle maps upon completion (Front Line Fudge)
-Enabled taunt sliding for taunts that needed it to move (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Fixed a problem with nukes on dodgeball not showing proper team colors (Rainbow)
-Ghosts are no longer put into spectate / kicked for being AFK (Rainbow)
-Fixed a bug with chat-processor that would sometimes hide chat (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Fixed an issue with spawns on mge_training_v8_beta4b on the snakewater section (Vanilla)
-Removed the tooltip hint from ctf_converge_b3 (Chocolate,Rainbow)
-Fixed a bug on Vanilla where bots would get balanced to the blue team (Vanilla)
-Disabled the abomination button on tr_walkway_rc2 (Vanilla)
-Advanced discord server messages (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)

Poe will report on this server having an active game going, when a game is running, he will also report map votes!

-Added a new store interface (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)

Credits were carried over; purchases, sadly, were not. This new store interface is far more optimized and features a ton of custom configuration options!

-Added ultiduo_baloo (Vanilla)
-Completely designed the help menu on all servers (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Changed the !joinscg command to take players to the steam page so they can request an invite (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Changed the telegram service bot to not report on full servers (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla,IMPORTANT)
-Changed the telegram service bot to report MVM games at 4 players (Front Line Fudge)
-Added a list of store colors you can check using the !storecolors command (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Removed teammate player collision on MVM (Front Line Fudge)
-Fixed MVM Stat list not tracking wave 666 games (Front Line Fudge)
-Fixed a bug with the Intel glow remover causing intelligence flags to be invisible (Chocolate,Rainbow)

Oct 15, 2017

-Fixed a bug with the intelligence spam blocker (Chocolate,Rainbow)
-Removed the "removing doors yes" message (Front Line Fudge)
-Added a plugin to change the time limit rules on koth maps (Chocolate,Rainbow)

Oct 24, 2017
This plugin is designed to toggle the cvar "mp_match_end_at_timelimit" if a team captures the control point on KOTH.
Previously, KOTH maps would end at the time limit no matter what; this was set in place because people who would choose not to cap would wind up holding the server hostage on a particular map. The downside is that if a game began close to the "end" of the round, there would be no point in capping because the round would end regardless. This is now solved by turning this cvar OFF if the point is captured, and turning it back on during a new round.

-Fixed a problem with the donators plugin incorrectly managing quotes and double quotes (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Fixed MVM taking you to the wrong map when voting for it (Front Line Fudge,IMPORTANT)

Jan 15, 2018
Referenced from this thread:
Added the following to the update_sm script

#Remove nextmap.smx from flf due to mvm mismatch bug

rm -rf $tf2_location/$flf_location/addons/sourcemod/plugins/nextmap.smx

-Fixed a bug in MVM where the server would not show the entire map list if it crashed or was restarted (Front Line Fudge)

Jan 15, 2018

-Updated the map system (Chocolate,Rainbow)
-Fixed a bug with the auto ready plugin allowing people to spam the chat with 'all players are ready' messages. (Front Line Fudge)
-Adjust the difficulty settings for the MVM 6/8/10 players (Front Line Fudge)

MVM now has a custom difficulty plugin that scales up the difficulty for games over 6 players. It also makes things softer for smaller games under 5 players.
Details about this mod can be found here :

-Enabled all classes in MGE (Vanilla)

Jun 30, 2018

-Fixed a bug with the report robot that would leave lingering messages if the reporter wrote in server chat (Front Line Fudge)

Jul 15, 2018

-Fixed chat colors being the same as your name color if you do not have a chat color equipped (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Fixed a crash issue on KOTH maps (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)

Fixed a crash issue on KOTH maps as related to this bug :

-New effects for the killeff donator plugin (Chocolate,Rainbow)

Added a turn to fizzle kill effect

-Cleaned up Connect account messages to remove Steam ID's for non admins (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)
-Connect announce now auto grants join messages for donators (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)

This has been an SCG Service update! You can check all our important updates on our update page here!
Mann Co. would totally sign off on this if they could! Report any bugs or suggestions here!

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