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Discussion started on Monday, November 11th, 2019 @ 12:50 PM EST by...
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The steam group chat, located on our steam page was a mystery in itself. Typically active steam groups do not have active group chats, but ours did for quite a while! Years even, and it just sort of started one day.

This comes from a time before Discord when communication pretty much stopped after the games did.

However, this changed when Steam implemented their new chat design beta in two parts. When the beta was first launched, it created a new chatroom only for beta clients, this caused a split between those using the beta and those who were not. This left an immediate feeling of the room being dead for most people, as suddenly a lot of people had gone away on both sides.

Another issue which has persisted well into the public launch is the lack of attention given to a chatroom's messages.


Getting a message from a friend will highlight the program tab as above, but in original steam chat, it would do the same for group chat messages. This highlight would be a constant reminder that there is something to check, rather than the small circle shown normally. The fact that this no longer shows for group chats makes it very easy to miss group messages entirely.

I'm pretty certain Valve hasn't cared all too much about group chat support, even though clearly they were trying to copy Discord with this change. I ascertain this from the lack of bugs still found in the group chat settings menu for example.


None of this works!

What does this matter anyway, we do have a discord, correct? Well, this chat was nice in that it was better for casual quick chit-chat. Nothing persistent so it was just a little casual thing. I used to sign on to it first thing every day, now I admittedly barely look at it because I know there's nothing going on in it.

I decided to close it after a few bouts of confusion from those in it, wondering if it is a sign the group has died or something like that, when the reality is we've all simply moved over to our discord!

You can join us as well, by heading over to :3

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