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Discussion started on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 @ 02:59 AM EDT by...
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The Contest

It's over! Our winner is Appl!


A big thanks to everyone who tossed one in this year! The other entries and here

From left to right, Jon the Friendly Fox, Metka, Dannelorg and Appl!

Hey folks! It is that time of year yet again!

The whatever annual SCG Halloween Group Icon contest! The rules are simple, you must create a group icon that we will use for the month of October. I was super tempted to ban 2020 as a potential theme this year, but I'm curious to see what people may come up with!

The rules are simple...
1. It must be 512x512 pixels!
2. It must be Halloween spooky themed!
3. The usual guidelines, nothing racist, sexist, etc;

They will not be judged on artistic merit, instead they'll be judged on originality and creativity! Everyone is encouraged to participate, even if you don't try all that hard!

Submissions will be accepted until the 10th of October at 11:59PM Pacfic Time! To toss in your icon, just reply to this thread with it! Or toss it over to my email, [email protected] with the subject "Halloween 2020"

Let's take a look at our previous winners!


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iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

The deadline has been extended to October 10th!

iconDan Species : Nacho Cheese Doritos® Locos Tacos Supreme®

As always here is my submission I spend many hours crafting UwU


Thanks for the extra time! I didn't use it as well as I should have though...maybe next year I won't procrastinate as bad

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