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Discussion started on Thursday, June 17th, 2021 @ 05:25 AM EDT by...
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Good morning, everyone!

I am here, unceremoniously, to announce that the new and improved version of the SCG is now online! However, this is a bit of a live test run, there still are some last minute issues to work out! If you encounter any bugs, glitches, problems, etc; please let me know!

If you need to reach me, but cannot do so here, please bug me on Steam ( ), Telegram ( @rowedahelicon ) or Discord Rowedahelicon#7935

Things to note :

  1. Colorblind settings do not work yet!
  2. Messages page does not work yet!
  3. JB / Home page does not work yet!
  4. Some pages like the MVM stats are missing features
  5. The news page is missing a bunch of stuff, just gotta organize it!
  6. There's probably some more things that I know about but forgot to write down so just tell me anywayyy
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