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Welcome to SCG's 4th server, Front Line Fudge. Our...front line...against the robot menace. That's right, it's a 24/7 MVM (Mann vs. Machine) server. Like our other servers, it features a few hand-crafted mods, tweaked gameplay, and a ton of fun maps / missions!

Never played MVM before? It's a Co-op mode where a team of up to 10 (normally 6), go up against an army of Robots in wave after wave based on missions of varying difficulties. For a more detailed explaination, please check out the TF2 Wiki's page on MVM.

Server details

IP address :
Players : 10

Important commands

!robot - Toggles your player model being a Red Robot or not
!firstperson - Activates first person view
!thirdperson - Activates third person view

General additions

This is a list of important modifications and additions to the server that you may not find on other servers and definitely not on Valve servers.

  • 10vM (Ten Mann vs Machine) By Flaminsarge
    A mod that allows for up to 10 players in an MVM server, 4 more than the intended 6. We use this mod in conjunction with our difficulty modifier below to allow for fuller games that don't become easy as a side-effect.

SCG additions

This is a list of important modifications and additions to this server that we have produced ourselves.

  • MVM Difficulty Mod By Rowedahelicon
    A mod that allows for a scaling difficulty modifier based on player count. Meant to make full games hard, and small games easy. Doesn't cause any radical changes to gameplay strategies.

  • MVM Mission Stats By Rowedahelicon
    Our MVM server tracks your mission progress! Every wave you complete, on every mission. Keeps track of completed games and missed money stats.

  • Canteen protector By Rowedahelicon
    A mod that stops you from accidentally wasting canteens during prewave setup.

  • Vaccinator upgrade fix By Rowedahelicon
    Fixes ÜberCharge duration being pointless when using the Vaccinator by increasing the duraction of MiniÜbers by 1.5 seconds per upgrade interval.

Additional notes

This covers some general information that may or may not be important!

  • When a mission is completed, the map will automatically rotate to the next map and mission on the list.
  • Cosmetics that go on a Medic's back are hidden when Medic players toggle on their Robot skin. Because there is a missing bone, it causes certain cosmetics to stretch across the world.
  • Because of how SourceMod handles command inputs, blocking your accidental upgrades requires that you be killed. :(
  • Because of the number of custom mission icons we have, custom mission icons are downloaded on a per map basis rather than a universal download. We have a system in place that scans mission files and determines what downloads we'll need.
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