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Welcome to Rainbow Swirl~! SCG's multimod server! What does that mean exactly? In addition to rolling through the stock game modes, this server will also pass through game modes such as Dodgeball, Randomizer, PropHunt, and more! Let's dive in on some more information below!

Server details

IP address :
Players : 24
Replays : Yes

Important Commands

Game Modes

  • Randomizer By FortyTwoFortyTwo, original concept by EnigmatiK, Plugin previously designed by FlaminSarge
    In this arena based mode, you spawn as a random class, with a random selection of weapons. Some combinations may be great, others may be pretty awful. The game ends when one team has been totally wiped out. Be warned! Most of our maps feature full team respawns when a team caputres the control point! Randomizer maps can be found in the voting / nomination menus by their tag, [RNDM].

    !cantsee - This will make your weapon semi-transparent in order to better see your screen

General Additions

This is a list of important modifications and additions to the server that you may not find on other servers and definitely not on Valve servers.

SCG Additions

This is a list of important modifications and additions to this server that we have produced ourselves.

Additional notes

This covers some general information that may or may not be important!

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