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Hello everyone~! It's time for our next SCG Map Test event~! Have we really done 20 of these? I actually have no clue, but for the sake of things, let's say this is #20. Okay???

Additionally, we're going to be trying something totally new this time around. In past map test events, it's usually been a hastily put together list of maps, a date chosen, a few hours of play and then a general consensus as to if a map is good to add to our rotation or not. While this has worked, we're totally better than that!

For this map test, I am offering these new stipulations. You will all get 2 weeks to download and try these maps on your own, take some time to look around and see how the map feels. Additionally, try and see if it is poorly optimized on your machine. Offer your input and any constructive criticism on a map. Finally, at the end of this two week duration, we will have a get together on chocolate with these new maps and see how well they play out in a big crowd. Vanilla will also be setup to run these maps, and open for everyone to come play around with others as their will!

I will also offer a poll once all is done to get input from as many members as we can!

The list I have put together is based on pre-existing reviews and their initial appearances. I would eventually like to help play test unfinished maps once we figure out as a community how to provide good constructive criticism. The maps we play on are important, as are the people behind the screens making them. It's important that we test their creations with open minds and offer polite yet useful critique so that they may improve their craft. Keep this in mind when trying these out and while you draft up any comments you wish to make!

NOTE : I will be setting up the Vanilla (test) server to feature all of these maps, it'll just be a bit~!


  1. Download the maps below!
  2. Take some time to try them out, see if you like them, do they run nice, any issues with them.
  3. We'll have a main event to test maps out, and will be taking feedback / critique we can deliver to the map makers!
  4. I'll offer a poll and or a means of discussing a map
  5. Finally, we'll add some maps to our rotation if they pass a threshold of value :D

You may download a collection of the maps here, these will go in your steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/custom/maps folder.

The following are the maps we'll be trying out!

Payload - Cactus Canyon Redux by Suna

Payload - Rainbow Ride by func_door

Payload - Operandi by Paper, adopted by Suna

Koth - Luftangriff by BigfootBeto

Koth - Dewpoint by dexc34

Payload - Corrode by Leminnes

Koth - Cascade by Defcon

Capture Point - Ro3point by pont

Capture Point - Steel Refresh by harris0n

Capture Point - Hadal by fubarFX

Invade CTF - Nuclide by Suna

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