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Discussion started on Monday, November 1st, 2021 @ 07:54 PM EDT by...
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As was previously talked about, we are going to have another community wide vote on a few topics.

We had one in the past to vote for our use of random crits on the TF2 servers, among other issues. We'll be doing the same thing again, but I wanted
to first give people an opportunity to suggest additional topics for the vote.

Before I elaborate, I'll mention two sets of things, first is items that will already be on the vote.

  1. What should be our policy on random crits be? Allow random crits, melee crits only, no random crits whatsoever. (With the exception of MVM, which has full random crits on by default.)
  2. Should Rainbow continue the use of the Goomba stomp mod? And the options will be yes, no, allow disabling per client, etc.

I feel like I am missing something, but this is all I had written down.

I'd like to offer people the opportunity to suggest items for the vote, there are two ways you can do this!
You may use this google poll link,, or you can DM me and discuss it with me!

I want to offer full transparency to the voting process here, so if you allow me, I'll mention who suggested what, otherwise you're totally fine to keep things secret.

As far as what should be on the vote, I'd like to limit it to major group policies, server policies, etc. Things like what maps should we run, that'll be apart of a separate vote. Things like should so and so be banned should be brought up with me, but we're not going to drag them through the mud here. :P

Lastly, I want to be forward with what else I will be working on this month! This is so that everyone will have an expectation of what is happening and can take that into account with their suggestions.

  1. I will be changing Rainbow to remove all limits on what modes can be played back to back via mapvote during the week, that way those looking to goof around are not limited to vanilla modes every other map.
  2. Additonally, I will be experimenting with having a gaurenteed stock, silly, stock, silly, etc mode swap on Rainbow during Friday nights. Meaning that Rainbow will cycle to a silly mode more often, but still maintain a vanilla limit to some degree.
  3. I will be working on adding more content to Strawberry finally, My goal is to have at least 5 new bosses by the end of the month and for the map list and such to be fully finished.
  4. I will be updating the Sven Coop server soon, finally adding in additional voting capabilities and offering a better way to download content ahead of time.
  5. I will be finishing up the questing system for our Minecraft server, and will hopefully have intergration with the SCG site by the end of the month.

Additionally, I will be announcing a new policy with the SCG discord as far as new members go. I am adding in even more security to Poe behind the scenes to help keep the Discord and everyone in it safe!

I do have some other things in store, to which I hope to have done by the end of the month as well, but the stuff above is top priority!

I sincerely appreciate your patience with me, it's been a busy year, and there's still so much more to do!