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Discussion started on Monday, January 3rd, 2022 @ 06:35 PM EST by...
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Happy New Years, SCG!

I hope it was a good one, and that you all had a nice holiday break. I know I did, hence the lateness of this particular post. Folks, the last few years have been pretty rough, for almost everyone, me (Rowdy) included. However, I look forward to 2022 with a new sense of profound optimism! This will be a great year for us, and for SCG!

I am looking forward to another year of fun with you all, another year of laughs, and another year of new things. I even look forward to the challenges we no doubt will face, as we will face them together. Thank you all for your company, and your friendship! I'll have another post for you soon, until then uh...there's plenty of cider left in the community fridge, have at it!