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This is a quick overview of our maintenance records, from fixes to file additions and more!

Sorting results by date : 2021-11-21
Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Team Fortress 2 // General server update
The throwable kunai for spies has been disabled
The health nerf for spies has been disabled
Renard now has Uber on rage instead of passive heal
Strawberry Feature addition
Assorted annoying boss songs have been removed
Team Fortress 2 // Team Fortress 2 // Maplist update
Added - vsh_dunger_b2a
Added - vsh_manncohq_v14
Added - vsh_minegay_b3
Added - vsh_oilrig_v18
Removed - arena_backlot_rc2
Removed - arena_hardhat_b2a