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This is a quick overview of our maintenance records, from fixes to file additions and more!

Sorting results by date : 2021-12-12
Sunday, December 12th, 2021

Team Fortress 2 // General server update
Sigsegv missions are now automatically blocked when the mod isn't loaded
Front Line Fudge Feature addition Maintenance Sigsegv
When the Sig/Raf mod is not loaded on the server, missions that require its use will no longer show up in the vote menu.
Made some adjustments to the difficulty modifier
Front Line Fudge Game Balance
-Fixed an issue where robots where not getting health buffs at all
-Fixed an issue where robots could get lower than intended health buffs
-Tanks now get health buffs with additional players
-Health buffs are now a solid buff, they do not appear as over-healed health anymore. (And if they do, they won't lose it naturally)
Team Fortress 2 // Front Line Fudge // Mission update
Added - mvm_area_52_rc3_adv_australian_christmas
Added - mvm_autumnull_rc2_int_urban_uprising
Added - mvm_brugge_rc4b_int_frontline_fodder
Added - mvm_coastrock_rc1_1_adv_cycled_overdrive
Added - mvm_coastrock_rc1_1_int_sandtraps
Added - mvm_cyberia_rc6a_adv_silver_snow
Added - mvm_derelict_rc2_adv_shadow_wave
Added - mvm_dockyard_rc7_adv_cargo_carnage
Added - mvm_doppler_b12_adv_delta_drop
Added - mvm_downpour_rc3a_adv_666_last_stand_of_dead_men
Added - mvm_hideout_b3_adv_perilous_paradise
Added - mvm_isolation_rc3_int_frostbite
Added - mvm_mannworks_adv_manntenance
Added - mvm_nox_b3_adv_radiant_dawn
Added - mvm_quetzal_rc5_adv_jungle_judgment
Added - mvm_rottenburg_adv_township_tussle
Added - mvm_shiverpeak_rc3_int_snowy_sunshine
Added - mvm_underground_rc3_adv_absentia