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It begins.
We've heard your cries for a new pack! We've heard the frustrations, read the reports, and after much work, trial, error, a lot of science, and a smidgeon of stargazing on the side, SCG is happy to present the new SCG Minecraft Server!

The pack we've decided to stick with for now is a premade pack on the Technic Launcher, called the 1.7.10 Pack. We heard your cries for more tech mods, less restrictive food requirements, and for a couple other mods as well, and we think this one fits all the needs for everyone!

SCG Minecraft server information
Technic pack download here
Player Versus Player
We heard several requests for there to be actual PvP sections on the next server. Not everyone plays buddy-buddy, and the ability to protect their lands from wandering interlopers was a request we looked into, and we believe we've found a solution. PvP is going to be enabled, but there will still be some stipulations to it!

-- There will be land protection so you can be safe upon your own land! Contact an admin and we'll help you set up your homestead!

-- You -are- allowed to fight other players, but no hovering around their gravestone waiting for them to gather their things! You WILL be punished!

-- While PvP -is- enabled, looting their graves is -not- allowed. There's a reason for this: Players, when killed by another player, will drop their head on death for you to pick up. SAVE THEM. They'll be used as currency for an upcoming feature.

-- The same tidbit can be said of the victim! Murdered in cold blood? Claim your grave and you'll find a copy of your own head inside. SAVE IT! This, too, will be a currency.

-- We do have logs of PvP combat! Keep this in mind if you try to report anything or be sneaky and make spare heads for people!

Do you hear that? Off in the distance... It sounds almost like a wagon..

Head exchange
That's right! For the heads of your enemies, you can redeem them for resources you may need, maybe some experience or rare loot, or maybe something even more fantastical, depending on how many trophies you bring him. And for you, you unlucky folk, who save your own severed skulls after many a death, can also redeem them for items to help save your hide every once in a while. Maybe a fancy piece of enchanted armor, some potions, or maybe something more legendary? You'll never know!

However, your mysterious trading friend has a request. He doesnt want to carry too much on his first trek, and has asked for the denizens of this server to vote and suggest what items he should bring. Why bring many things that wont sell when he can bring a few that will, right? Place your votes and suggestions here, and start collecting those heads!

With all this, hopefully we see you all on the server soon! Happy Hunting!

Also super important!

We have a poll going on asking what YOU think you should get in return for the head exchanges, please take a moment to vote here!

Thank you from Hera, Hoosk, Rowdy, and the SCG Team.