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So who am I?

Hello friends! My name is Poe, Poe Stallmann! I am a Welsh-Corgi and SCG's official mailman!

What does that mean? I help deliver mail to anyone of you interested in receiving it, I also help keep you up to date on group events, notify you of Group Chat desyncs, and more!

I was hired to help keep the group informed of what goes on in it! We want to do lots of things and having me here helps make sure you know what those things are!

You may add me to your friends list, in fact I encourage it! And by doing so, I can send you stuff every now and then. I do not bite, nor do I spam. I am here to help!
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By putting me on your friends list, I will do the following!

1. I will notify you of new SCG announcements!

2. I will also notify you of SCG events!

3. You can request a list of recent posts from me with !mail

4. I can re-invite you to the group chat with !chatinvite

5. I will let you know if a chat-room desync has happened!

I promise not to spam your chat windows, in fact I'm very quiet! I don't speak much, but you can command me to do things using the list of commands I've been trained with below!
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Bone? BONE?!?

Don't do it! D:

I will invite you to our chatroom!

I will send you a random fact about us Corgis!

I'll show you my list of commands!

Yes hello!

It is very nice to feed a dog! But ... only when they're hungry ^//w//^;;

Would you like to be my friend? :3

I'll help you join SCG!

I'll show you what letters I have for ya!

Good dogs deserve pets!

I'd love to play with ya ... if I'm bored!

!servers [name]
I'll tell you about a server, and invite you to it too!

I'll give you a random song!

I'll tell you what's going on and whatever is on my mind!

I'll tell you about myself!

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