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Would you like to spare a few monies to help out SCG?

SCG is my full-time job, in addition to artwork. Because of some personal family stuff, I don't get much of a chance to do a lot out here in the world, so I'm limited to what funds I can make at home.

Your contributions mean a lot and help keep things going! They pay for upkeep and help me get some projects off the ground! I have a few options here if you'd like to contribute financially, but I also offer the opportunity to exchange your money for my artwork, which also directly benefits SCG!

Benefits never run out, once you've donated, your benefits last forever!

What do you get for donating? Our donation options Purchase artwork

What do you get for donating?

Of course there are perks, why wouldn't there be? Everything we offer is cosmetic only, no pay to win garbage.

Discord Donators Room

For all donators, there is also a special room on the SCG Discord for donators. In this channel, you will see current updates, pictures, and first look at some inner projects going on inside of SCG.

Anything shown here will eventually be shared with the entire group, so while it isn't exclusive, it's still an early look at what your donations are paying for.

Team Fortress 2 Benefits

Team Fortress 2 players get the following benefits. You can set custom kill effects on your person, such as turning people to Gold or Ash, or even have them Fizzle away! You get not one, but two different join messages. One in chat, on in the center of the screen!

Our donation options!


Donate with Paypal


Square Cash

Uh this is new, but I also take money from Square Cash now? If you want to use that, my link is$rowedahelicon

Make sure you leave a note with your steam account and or email so I can find you after!


Patreon Logo I also have an account with Patreon, where you can help support me in general along with SCG. By providing a small monthly contribution, you'll allow me the chance to do more with my time such as explore artwork, programming, and other designs. This benefits SCG with free time to put into research into new toys / program new things.

How about some art?

Money pays the bills, you get art, and I even get more practice!


Another way of contributing is to purchase artwork from me! I love drawing, and the more art I do the more exposure I can get. I work pretty fast and do a lot of different things, I even do a lot of the art for SCG in general!

You can find my gallery of work here on my Art website!