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Would you like to spare a few monies to help out SCG? Running SCG is a significant portion of my life; the servers, the website, fixing stuff, mods and so on. In addition to practicing art (I'm not great), my opportunities in life are rather limited...

As such, your contributions mean a ton and every single one helps keep things going. They pay for upkeep and help me get some projects off the ground! I have a few options here if you'd like to contribute financially, but I also offer the opportunity to exchange your money for my artwork, which also helps SCG!

Benefits never run out, once you've donated, your benefits last forever!

What do you get for donating?

Discord Donators Room

For all donators, there is also a special room on the SCG Discord for donators. In this channel, you will see current updates, pictures, and first look at some inner projects going on inside of SCG.

Team Fortress 2

  • Custom kill effects : Turn your victims to gold, ash, or even have them fizzle away~
  • Not one, but two join messages: One for chat, and one that displays in the center of the screen, both when you join the game~
  • End of round sprites: Pick from a list, shows up over your head at the end of a round~
  • Colorful ghosts: You can change the color of your ghost during Dodgeball, Deathrun and Randomizer~

Our donation options


Make sure you drop a way for me to get in touch with you! And also to apply your benefits!



I use CashApp! My address is $rowedahelicon, if you decide to toss some money at me this way, please leave some way of contacting you!


Patreon Logo I, and by extension, SCG does have a Patreon! It allows those who can a venue in which to support my ongoing efforts in making new toys for the community, pay the bills, upkeep of projects, and so on.

The support allows me to focus on work for the community instead of struggling to keep up with bills.

Check out my Patreon here!

How about some art?

You get art, I get practice, I also get some money and that helps too!

2021 Commission Sheet