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Cookie Policy

This cookie notice discloses the cookie practices for Southern Cross Gaming.

SCG uses cookies on and related domains. By logging into our website, you consent to the use of cookies.

This Cookie Policy is part of our Privacy Policy and explains:

1. What cookies are
2. What cookies are used when you browse SCG
3. Your cookie options

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that sits in your browser that ties you to an active session on a website. There are two kinds, session cookies that expire the moment you close your browser, and persistent cookies which either expire on their own or are when deleted manually.

Cookies given to you by the website you're on are referred to as "first party" cookies, but cookies given to you on a website by other websites are "third party" cookies.

Cookies are usually used to keep track of your session when logged into a website, but cookies are sometimes used by websites to track their users for analytical purposes, such as site growth or advertising.

2. When are cookies used on SCG?

On SCG, we only use session cookies when you log into the website. In those cookies contain your session data, and that's it.

We do not use any tracking tools, advertising tools, or any other data collection tools on your browser.

3. What are my options when it comes to cookies on SCG?

You can delete cookies for our site in your browser, as well as disable future cookies from being created. This may impact the duration of active sessions, but easily rectified by logging in again.