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The following page is for reporting things of importance to the SCG team! It can be bugs, problems, players, hey if you're having a crummy day I probably want to hear about it.

SCG is a large and diverse group made up of hundreds of furries and people from all over the world. And as such, we are all different. Everyone here has a unique background, a unique personality, dreams, aspirations, a unique upbringing, different life experiences, differences in opinion, outlooks on topics and personal beliefs.

As such, it is an unfortunate and inevitable conclusion that not everyone will get along, as sometimes people are just far too different.

Most often, this is easily overlooked. SCG means different things to different people; some of you call it family, some of you casually hang out and socialize, and some others simply come here to play. Despite these odds, we try and remain as open and accepting of a group as we can be. We allow a generous level of freedom to everyone inside. Sadly, that makes it easy for those acting malicious to ruin things for others.

So I ask upon you, the member, the job of helping keep SCG a group you can feel proud of being in. Ask yourself these questions!

1. Are these person's actions completely inexcusable?
2. Are they a danger to SCG or people inside of it?
3. Are they completely immune to reason or are purposely acting like a dick?

If any of these sound like a yes to you, let us know. You don't even need to toss your name in, you don't need to get involved, we take these reports and work with those who do choose to get involved. This means we're able to get a very diverse look at what the problem is. However keep in mind if we don't get enough names speaking up, we can't take action as we must assume it could be one person sending in mass reports! You can even suggest a plan for resolution if you don't exactly want to see someone get banned!

Speaking up is hard, but the reward benefits you and all of us, please consider speaking up.


We don't save emails, this is only if we need to write back to you.

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