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  • Our goal as a community
    SCG is a furry social gaming community dedicated to larger, self-hosted games typically of old where we can provide experiences to a larger audience, rather than newer games that prioritize match making. We believe in the idea that smaller tight-knit communities are a healthier alternative than competitive focused games where the incentive to make friends and play nice isn't a priority.

  • We are adults
    SCG is an 18+ community. I'm afraid we do not allow minors. Our servers may feature nsfw art in sprays, and our conversations are not always squeaky-clean.

  • We are furry
    Our founder, administration staff, and a majority of our members are also members of the Furry fandom. This means that many of us act under our fursonas, engage in relevant discussion of the fandom, share art related to the fandom, and so on. While being a furry is not by any means a requirement to be apart of our community, it should be expected that we consider negative behavior towards furries or "furbashing" a heavier offense than most communities.

  • We are many
    Our community is made up of members from all around the world. Those with different upbringings, cultures, histories, fears, anxities and so on. Understand that our community may seem strange at first, you may not understand the "in-jokes" and you may be shy while attempting to intergrate in, but we are committed to helping those willing to ask for help. You are encouraged to introduce yourself, speak about things you enjoy doing, and to ask questions to your heart's content.

  • We are nerds, dorks, geeks, weebs, and dweebs
    While we invite anyone willing to join our community, keep in mind that we are focused on gaming. We offer spaces to talk about mostly anything, but our discussions often focus on gaming, computers, technology, and so on. We encourage our members to be creative and share their creations, but we are not a venue of advertising. Our goal isn't to house everyone under the sun, but to at least be a model those looking to make their own dedicated communites to build off of.


Global rules

  1. Our community is 18+, meaning you must be 18 years of age or older. This is to protect us and you. There are no exceptions.
  2. The use of any cheats, abusive exploits or bugs that give you an unfair advantage or otherwise disrupt gameplay is forbidden.
  3. The spamming or posting of advertisements, trade offers, invites to other groups, etc, without prior approval is forbidden.
  4. The sharing of illegal files, tools, or websites withour prior approval is forbidden.
  5. While our rules on humor / trash talk aren't strict, the use of abusive / dehumanizing language and or harrassment targeted towards a member / group of members and or people is forbidden. ( E.G. you can joke around, but don't be a shit )
  6. Light roleplaying / light sexual talk / joking is acceptable, but keep it minimal, it's not everyone's thing.
  7. Behavior that is overly aggressive, unreasonable, melodramatic, or otherwise disruptive is not tolerated.
  8. Ban evasion is always caught, and will have time added to existing punishments.
  9. We maintain the right to gag, mute, and or remove those from our servers / community that we feel are incompatible with our community "vibe" and or members within.

Team Fortress 2


  1. Spawn-camping is negated by spawn protection as well as alternate exits in most maps, it is not against the rules.


  1. If your micspam is loud, repetitive, offensive, or refuse to stop when asked, we will probably mute you.


  1. Sprays containing content that is illegal under U.S. law such is CP, Beastiality, Guro, Rape, and so on are forebidden. In addition, IRL pornographic sprays are also forbidden.


  1. The act of being "friendly" when the server is full or you're throwing your team down a player when it is already down one disrupts gameplay and is forbidden.

Discord, Steam Chat, Etc


  1. Chats are public, when you're bringing up a topic, you're inviting everyone to participate. Please keep that in mind when discussing topics that are heavily contentious, prone to arguments, or may reasonably make others uncomfortable. I understand this seems vague, but cases where we need to intervene almost never happen, so don't worry about this.
  2. Our sharing rooms ask that you only post content that was made by you or for you, this is so that we can help highlight things from those in the community and helps keep the rooms from becoming an advertising board for folks aren't actually interested in the community.

General Rules

  1. Mind the channel you're in, keep discussion relevant. Off topic stuff can go in #general and #funposting_general
  2. NSFW links are only allowed in NSFW marked channels. Should also be tagged as such!
  3. Distribution of links / tools relating to piracy, cheating, hacking, warez and illegal topics are forbidden.


  • Low level warnings: We deliver warnings either via server chat, or directly via Steam, Discord, etc when a rule or rules are broken.
  • Documented warnings: We deliver documented warnings either via server chat, or directly via Steam, Discord, etc when a rule or rules have been broken multiple times.
  • Kicks: We will kick in instances where a person's behavior is becoming an immediate issue, they can continue to play if they return and keep their behavior under control, most people don't return.
  • Bans: We ban in instances when a person's behavior has clearly broken our rules. The length of the ban is contextual, based on what the person has done and or what they have done in the past.
  • Permanent Bans: Permanent bans are issued in instances where a person has clearly without question they simple do not give a shit about making a good impression or trying to befriend / integrate into the community politely.

Ban Grouping

Because SCG as a community is supported over various services, we make an attempt to unify bans as much as possible. For example, a ban for attacking our Discord will also lead to a ban from our Source Servers if there is a verifiable steam account attached. Effectively, if we place a ban on someone and we are aware of other accounts they may have, we'll ban those too.

Clarification on some of our bans

While this can happen literally anywhere, our community is an easy target for trolls. Because of this, a lot of bans you may see are permanent, most of our permanent bans are given when people join our servers for the first time and toss out a slur immediately, or make it super obvious they were only here to cause trouble.

Permanent bans are also given out to people who're underage, it's just easier this way. Regardless, any ban, permanent or not, can be overturned with a proper honest apology. In the case of people who're underage, they are welcome should they return when they are of age.