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Here is a directory of assorted help threads / topics for you to wander through!

Team Fortress 2 guides

See the full thread here.

This page will be updated eventually with a list of the more important / public commands, but for a frame of reference I have put up the entire list of commands on the workshop page here.

Jewelbox Help

See the full thread here.


A channel, or board, is a group of discussions that all fall under a single shared topic. Like the Team Fortress 2 channel talks about Team Fortress 2 game or server discussions.

A channel has 4 possible statuses.

  1. Normal - You may post new discussions and reply to them
  2. Reply only - Only admins may make new threads, anyone else can reply to them.
  3. Read only - Only admins may make new threads, but only they can reply to them as well.
  4. Pure override - No one may post to this, it is used to display other data (Like the SCG news board only displays SCG group posts.)


Tags are as they sound, some channels allow for additional tags to aid in searching for a discussion later on. Tags aren't custom, they can only be selected from a list of tags that a particular channel allows.


Additions, or templates, or extra bits/tools that can be added to a discussion when the need arrives. An example of this is is this particular discussion, that has the thread_sidebar and table_of_contents flags enabled. This allows this discussion to have a table of contents for easier reading.

Additions are only accessible to admins with the proper permissions, eventually, more members will get access to these flags!


Discussion overrides or Channel overrides refer to when the normal layout of the respective page has been replaced with custom content that would normally require extra effort or cannot be done with markdown.

Basically, it can be used to make a discussion that has custom code inside of it.

Protected discussions

A protected discussion or post is one that has been previously reported at some point in the past, determined not to be breaking any of the SCG rules, and marked as protected. A protected discussion cannot be reported as it was found to not be breaking the rules.

If the protected discussion or post is edited at all, by an admin or the topic's owner, it will lose its protected status.

See the full thread here.

The jewelbox uses markdown to manage posting, and it is very easy to use!

The JB comes with a tool that helps enter in some bits for you, but there are some additional things that aren't yet on the button list.


Little heading

Medium heading

Big heading

### Little heading
## Medium heading
# Big heading

Bold text
Italic Text

**Bold text**
_Italic Text_

A link!

[A link!](

An image

![An image]( "An image")
  • An unordered list
  1. An ordered list
A block of code

A quote

- An unordered list
1. An ordered list

A block of code

>A quote

Other options

Using an @ then a steam ID allows you to reference a steam member

Using an @ then a steam ID allows you to reference a steam member

Syntax accepts some color names
But also all of these

{c:yellow}Syntax accepts some color names{/c}
{c:#ffffff}But also all of these{/c}

Angery text

{angery}Angery text{/angery}

See the full thread here.

Multi-author posts are exactly as they sound. They're posts that multiple people have edit rights to! This is mostly meant for big group posts where the group is either a bunch of admins, guild leaders, etc. All edits are recorded just as normal, and it's like a giant group post.

enter image description here

For specifics, the post still has an owner, the person who first wrote it. They start it, then add in their cohorts and blamo! If someone happens to add something rule breaking to the thread, we will know who did it and there won't be any sort of wrongful punishment.