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Hello everyone! Artemus here! With an important safety PSA on helping keep your internet accounts safe from harm and hackers! I'll go over some quick tips that will hopefully help protect you from harm!

#1 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

Two factor authentication is when a website or service offers you the option to use your cellphone or other device / method as an extra step when logging on, the idea is that having a physical device to act as your key means that someone online won't be able to get in!

Lots of websites and services offer it, services like Steam even require it for advanced features! Here are a couple of links you may find handy

Blizzard :
Discord :
Gmail :
Steam / Steamgaurd :

And to help find information on almost any 2FA website, check out

Additional information suggested by Green Dragon Iris

It is better to use an authentication app (such as Google Authenticator ) rather than using SMS messages, while unlikely, hackers have been able to socially engineer phone companies into giving out information that can be used against you. The safest option is of course be careful with who you trust your private information with, but an authentication app is an extra step you can take for safety's sake! Plus, who knows what could happen to your phone!

Most services that offer 2FA will also provide emergency backup keys you can use if you lose your device. Rowdy stores his codes inside of his password manager, you can read about those next!


#2 Password managers

I'm sure you've seen the tips on passwords before, don't use something someone could easily guess! A lot of people use the same passwords for everything which is no good.

Maybe you've seen a password like this before?

How are you supposed to remember that? Perhaps check out a password manager! Rowdy personally uses one called Keepass. It looks sort of like this!


A password manager is an easy to use / easy to setup tool that lets you store complex passwords for all of your sites. They usually get saved in a little database file which you can backup and store safely on a thumbdrive, your cloud service, etc.

Here are some you should check out!

Keepass :
KeepassX : (What Rowdy uses!)
Lastpass : (Is a paid service but still is one of the recommended ones)

As for actually getting the passwords, I sometimes recommend this website :

But also some programs (Like KeePass and KeePassX) come with built in password generators

#3 Watching out for scams!

Steam scams are fairly common, and the more Valve does to combat them, the smarter the scammers try and be! There are some basics to always understand!

From Dustrat : Non steam links will take out of the steam client and open up in your native internet browser, this is an indication that the site you're logging in with may be malicious!

An exception to this is the following, here on the Jewelbox / SCG site, you go through steam to login. Take note of the URL, you're still on the real Steam Community website, you're just logging on normally. In this scenario, we ( does not get your password, you're using Oauth to log in!


  1. Steam/Valve will never ask you for your password. Especially via your steam chat.

  2. People can threaten to report you all they like, it won't work unless you're actually breaking a rule.

  3. A Valve admin will never talk to you on steam, a community admin may be different, but they cannot globally ban your account.

Look out for scams that ask you to add someone, or visit a sketchy website.

This is an example of a scam in action, don't fall for it!

From Jhar: Most if not all scammers or malicious people create a “sense of urgency” to their messages in order to provoke action.

In addition, be very careful when logging into a website, take note of the URL and watch out for any weird misspellings or incorrect names. This applies to email scams when checking sending headers as well!

#4 Other tips!

Here are some quick tips that may also come in handy!

  1. Always make sure you're using Https instead of http! Https is for securing data you send back and forth between a website, and can help avoid people in-between watching your data.

  2. When using public wi-fi (As in, free or otherwise passwordless wifi you find in public) avoid logging into anything with your passwords if you can help it, if not, make sure you're accessing the website via https!

  3. Use open-source software when you can! What does that mean? Use software that hosts the code library on a website like Github or Gitlab, open-source software means almost anyone can contribute and audit it, which helps avoid potentially dangerous schemes like malware.

  4. Don't be afraid to ask for help with a security question, or if you think someone's account may be compromised!

For more help, feel free to write here, or ask the nerds over at the #tech-support channel in the SCG Discord!

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SCG has two telegram announcement groups, one for general group announcements, and one for game service announcements.

General Group Announcements

This is the SCG Announcement channel, where SCG news posts / events are shared here.

SCG Service Announcements{.right}

The SCG Service channel is meant for sending announcements about active games. A game is considered active when it has reached a threshold of players active and is no longer considered active when it hits a different threshold. The thresholds are unique to each server. To avoid spam, the telegram message is deleted when the game is no longer active, unlike Discord where a game is over message is displayed instead.

The credit for this idea goes to Weese, who suggested it to me!

Team Fortress 2

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Remember : There are 3 ways to use commands!
You have your command, let's say the kick command, there are 3 ways to use prefixes.

In chat

!kick - means people will see you using it
/kick - means people will not see you using it

In console

sm_kick - how you use console commands.

When using commands on players, you only need to write as much of their name as the server will distinguish.
To use a command on a player by a steam ID (ex.STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXX) prefix it with a # symbol. (sm_kick #STEAM_0:0:XXXXXXXXX)
When putting a reason, use quotes to wrap the whole thing!
In the examples below, don't use the when writing stuff out, I'm using them to highlight what the extra variables are.

Administration commands
admin - Brings up the admin menu, this actually has all the commands you need right there for convenience :D
kick - Kicks a player from the server
ban <time in minutes, 0 for forever> - Bans a player from the server
mute - Mutes a player from speaking
gag - Ditto, but blocks their text chat only
silence - Blocks a player's voice and text chat
happy - Overrides a player's text chat with silly messages

Punishment commands
smite - Smites a player
slap - Slaps a player, damage is optional
slay - Kills a player

Other commands of interest
rr - Restarts a round, meant for broken payload maps, also resets the map time

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#Donation Benefits
Donating to SCG grants you a bunch of little cosmetic things on our Team Fortress 2 servers, they are cosmetic only, no pay to win garbage!

##End of round sprite
The end of round sprite is exactly as it sounds, you can select a little sprite to show up above your head at the end of a round!

##Join message

##Rainbow text

##Weapon effects

#Donator command usage
##Donator menu

##Donator commands

#How to donate

SCG News

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Late last year, I made a pin on our Discord regarding political talk for the oncoming election; saying we are not looking for election / political talk in the group.

Today I would like to state that we explicitly will not allow election / political talk on the group going forward.

  1. Not everyone in SCG is from America

  2. A public Discord open to anyone is not a great place for massive unorganized discussions

  3. We've already seen people deliberately disregard the earlier post and we do not want to see people get out of control.


Whether a message/conversation is "election / political discussion" and not allowed is at the sole discretion of staff.

I hope everyone understands, there are much better places in the internet better equipped to handle election / political talk, but SCG is not one of them.


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Note : This was originally shared in our Discord, this is an elaborated post rather than a late one!

Minecraft 1.15 ( is officially out! But as you may notice...the server is still on version 1.14.4! What gives?

EDIT 3 - 12/18

Server is now running 1.15.1, still no word on Gravy being updated, however Dynmap is now working better than previously!

EDIT 2 - 12/14

The server is now running version 1.15! It's up, online, most things working, etc. However there is a big important oh no uh oh thing to keep in mind. The gravestone plugin is currently broken as a result of the update. GRAVES WILL NOT SPAWN WITH YOUR ITEMS WHEN YOU DIE. PLEASE BE CAREFUL ABOUT DYING. YOU ALREADY SHOULD BE BUT LIKE, YEAH.

The standard 5 minute timer for picking up dropped items is back in action for now, but **THERE ALSO MAY BE SOME BUGGINESS WITH THAT TOO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS AAAAAAAAAAAA.


As of this afternoon (12/13) Paper Spigot has been updated to 1.15, a server update is set to happen on 12/14 @ 3:00 AM ET

Why is our server out of date?

TL;DR We need to wait until our plugin support works again, otherwise bad things may happen :/

Our server, like many Minecraft servers use a plugin backend to provide plugin support. There are a few different kinds, Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, etc.

The SCG server uses a backend called PaperSpigot, a version of Spigot that is meant to be more focused on optimization.

When an update comes out for Minecraft, the developers behind these backends need to update their own programs to support the latest version. There is always a delay because they can only begin working as soon as the actual update is out. Minecraft is a bit trickier than something like TF2 which updates differently.

We simply need to wait until PaperSpigot to be updated to the new version so we can continue running our plugins. An unprotected server is very open to attacks by trolls and such, so it's better to wait than to risk major damage!

I understand it's annoying, but in the long run the wait isn't too long at all!

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As of 7/10/2020, we use an allow list to grant access to the MC server. While we previously had a list many years ago, we had taken it off as our server was kept hidden enough that no one bothered it. Sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case these days, and to help ensure things are going smoothly and safely, we now have an allow list yet again.

To apply, all you need to do is simply do so here!

Applications are handled within 24 hours, and you can check back at any time to see the status of such. Applications that are denied are most likely due to bans or other problems, and can be appealed on our bans section here!

Stay safe and happy mining~!

Team Fortress 2 guides

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This page will be updated eventually with a list of the more important / public commands, but for a frame of reference I have put up the entire list of commands on the workshop page here.

Jewelbox Help

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A channel, or board, is a group of discussions that all fall under a single shared topic. Like the Team Fortress 2 channel talks about Team Fortress 2 game or server discussions.

A channel has 4 possible statuses.

  1. Normal - You may post new discussions and reply to them

  2. Reply only - Only admins may make new threads, anyone else can reply to them.

  3. Read only - Only admins may make new threads, but only they can reply to them as well.

  4. Pure override - No one may post to this, it is used to display other data (Like the SCG news board only displays SCG group posts.)


Tags are as they sound, some channels allow for additional tags to aid in searching for a discussion later on. Tags aren't custom, they can only be selected from a list of tags that a particular channel allows.


Additions, or templates, or extra bits/tools that can be added to a discussion when the need arrives. An example of this is is this particular discussion, that has the thread_sidebar and table_of_contents flags enabled. This allows this discussion to have a table of contents for easier reading.

Additions are only accessible to admins with the proper permissions, eventually, more members will get access to these flags!


Discussion overrides or Channel overrides refer to when the normal layout of the respective page has been replaced with custom content that would normally require extra effort or cannot be done with markdown.

Basically, it can be used to make a discussion that has custom code inside of it.

Protected discussions

A protected discussion or post is one that has been previously reported at some point in the past, determined not to be breaking any of the SCG rules, and marked as protected. A protected discussion cannot be reported as it was found to not be breaking the rules.

If the protected discussion or post is edited at all, by an admin or the topic's owner, it will lose its protected status.

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The jewelbox uses markdown to manage posting, and it is very easy to use!

The JB comes with a tool that helps enter in some bits for you, but there are some additional things that aren't yet on the button list.


Little heading

Medium heading

Big heading

### Little heading
## Medium heading
# Big heading

Bold text
Italic Text

**Bold text**
_Italic Text_

A link!

[A link!](



  • An unordered list

  1. An ordered list

- An unordered list
1. An ordered list

A block of code

A block of code

A quote

>A quote

Other options

Using an @ then a profile ID allows you to reference a JB member

Using an @ then a profile ID allows you to reference a JB member

|This is normal|This is centered|This is aligned right|
|This is normal|This is centered|This is aligned right|
|This is normal|This is centered|This is aligned right|

|This is normal|This is centered|This is aligned right|
|This is normal|This is centered|This is aligned right|
|This is normal|This is centered|This is aligned right|

{c:yellow}Syntax accepts some color names{/c}
{c:#ffffff}But also all of these{/c}

{c:yellow}Syntax accepts some color names{/c}
{c:#ffffff}But also all of these{/c}

{angery}Angery text{/angery}

{angery}Angery text{/angery}


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Multi-author posts are exactly as they sound. They're posts that multiple people have edit rights to! This is mostly meant for big group posts where the group is either a bunch of admins, guild leaders, etc. All edits are recorded just as normal, and it's like a giant group post.

enter image description here

For specifics, the post still has an owner, the person who first wrote it. They start it, then add in their cohorts and blamo! If someone happens to add something rule breaking to the thread, we will know who did it and there won't be any sort of wrongful punishment.

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Seasonal servers are servers that may only be online for certain times / events, such as Halloween.

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Did you know Poe keeps an eye out for active games? When a game is considered "active", there are some notifcations that go out! Would you like to see said notifications? Know when it's time to play? Here's the details!


Join the SCG Service Notifications channel! When a game is kicking off, you'll get a beep boop letting you know! This covers all existing SCG servers.


Discord also features notifications when server games are starting up, have ended, and in some cases when a map has been voted.

What classifies as an active game?

  1. Each server has a threshold of an active game and an ended game. When the player count is seen to be higher than an active threshold, a notification is sent out with any important details.

  2. When the player count of a currently active server drops below the player ending threshold, the game is considered "over" and a follow up message may be sent out.

  3. In some cases, when an active game has started an a map vote takes place, the discord may also get a follow up notice.

There are still some things to be done, ideas to be improved on, so on! Got any suggestions? Let me know!

Sven Co-Op

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Just tossing this here for reference, will clean up soon! Sven uses a plugin called AdminFuckery as the admin toolset, the commands are as follows

##Specific commands

.player_giveall @all - Gives everyone every weapon

##Unorganized list
> 1: admin_ban ("steamid") <"reason"> <duration in minutes, 0 for infinite> <0/1 ban ip instead of steamid> - ban target
 2: admin_banlate ("steamid/ip") <"reason"> <duration in minutes, 0 for infinite> - late ban target, basically adds to ban list. Doesn't validate player like admin_ban does.
 3: admin_blockdecals (target) (0/1 unban/ban) - Ban target from spraying
 4: admin_changelevel (level) - change level
 5: admin_gag (targets) (mode a/c/v) - gag player, a = all, c = chat, v = voice
 6: admin_kick (target) <"reason"> - kicks target with reason
 7: admin_rcon (command) - remote console
 8: admin_say (0/1 showname) (0/1/2 chat/hud/middle) ("text") <holdtime> <target> <r> <g> <b> <x> <y> - say text
 9: admin_slap (target) <damage> - slap target(s)
 10: admin_slay (target) - slay target(s)
 11: admin_trackdecals <0/1 mode> - track player sprays, don't define mode to toggle
 12: admin_unban ("steamid or ip") - unban target
 13: admin_ungag (targets) - ungag player
 14: afb_access (target) <accessflags> - get/set accessflags, add + or - before flags to add or remove
 15: afb_disconnected <0/1 don't shorten nicks> - Show recently disconnected client information
 16: afb_expansion_list - List expansions
 17: afb_expansion_start ("expansion SID") - start expansion
 18: afb_expansion_stop ("expansion SID") - stop expansion
 19: afb_help <page> <0/1 show expansion> - List available commands
 20: afb_info - Show info
 21: afb_last <0/1 don't shorten nicks> - (alias for afb_disconnected) Show recently disconnected client information
 22: afb_menu - pop open a simple command menu
 23: afb_peek (targets) - peeks into internal AFB info
 24: afb_setlast (target) - sets last target, use if you only want to select somebody without running a command on them
 25: afb_who <0/1 don't shorten nicks> - Show client information
 26: ent_create (classname) <"key:value:key:value:key:value" etc> - create entity, default position at your origin
 27: ent_damage <damage> <targetname> - damage entity, if no targetname given it will attempt to trace forwards
 28: ent_drop - Drop entity that you are aiming at to ground
 29: ent_dumpinfo <dirty 0/1> <targetname> - dump entity keyvalues into console, if no targetname given it will attempt to trace forwards
 30: ent_item (weapon_/ammo_/item_ name) - Spawn weapon/ammo/item at your location
 31: ent_keyvalue (key) <value> <value> <value> - get/set keyvalue of entity you are aiming at, use "!null!" to set keyvalue as empty
 32: ent_keyvaluename (targetname) (key) <value> <value> <value> - get/set keyvalue of entity based on targetname, use "!null!" to set keyvalue as empty
 33: ent_keyvaluerange (classname) (range) (key) <value> <value><value> - get/set keyvalue of entity based on classname and range, use "!null!" to set keyvalue as empty
 34: ent_kill <targetname> - removes entity, if no targetname given it will attempt to trace forwards
 35: ent_move - Use without argument to see usage/alias - Grab entity and move it relative to you
 36: ent_movecopy - Use without argument to see usage/alias - Copy & grab (copied) entity and move it relative to you
 37: ent_movename (targetname) - absolute move, entity is placed to your origin
 38: ent_mover <0/1 mode> - weapon_entmover, don't define mode to toggle
 39: ent_rotate (x) (y) (z) <targetname> - rotate entity, if no targetname given it will attempt to trace forwards. For best results use 15 increments
 40: ent_rotateabsolute (x) (y) (z) <targetname> - set entity rotation, if no targetname given it will attempt to trace forwards
 41: ent_trigger <targetname> - trigger entity, if no targetname given it will attempt to trace forwards
 42: ent_triggerrange (classname) (range) - trigger entity based on classname and range
 43: ent_worldcopy (speed) <angle vector> <0/1 reverse> <0/1 xaxis> <0/1 yaxis> - Create worldcopy
 44: ent_worldremove - Remove all worldcopies
 45: fun_fade (targets) <r> <g> <b> <fadetime> <holdtime> <alpha> <flags> - fade target(s) screens!
 46: fun_gibhead (targets) - GIBS!!! Spawns head gib on target(s)!
 47: fun_gibrand (targets) <amount> - GIBS!!! Spawns random gibs on target(s)!
 48: fun_maplight (character from A (darkest) to Z (brightest), M returns to normal) - set map lighting!
 49: fun_shake <amplitude> <frequency> <duration> - shake everyone's screen!
 50: fun_shootgrenade <velocitymultipier> <time> - shoot grenades!
 51: fun_shootportal <damage> <radius> <velocity> - shoot portals!
 52: fun_shootrocket <velocity> - shoot normal RPG rockets!
 53: player_disarm (targets) - disarm target(s)
 54: player_dumpinfo (targets) <dirty 0/1> - dump player keyvalues into console
 55: player_exec (targets) ("command") - execute command on client console
 56: player_freeze (targets) <0/1 mode> - freeze/unfreeze target(s), don't define mode to toggle
 57: player_getmodel (targets) - return target(s) playermodel
 58: player_give (targets) (weapon/ammo/item) - give target(s) stuff
 59: player_giveall (targets) - give target(s) all stock weapons
 60: player_giveammo (targets) - give target(s) ammo
 61: player_givemapcfg (targets) - apply map cfg to target(s)
 62: player_god (targets) <0/1 mode> - set target(s) godmode, don't define mode to toggle
 63: player_ignite (targets) - ignite target(s)
 64: player_keyvalue (targets) (key) <value> <value> <value> - get/set target(s) keyvalue
 65: player_noclip (targets) <0/1 mode> - set target(s) noclip mode, don't define mode to toggle
 66: player_nosolid (targets) <0/1 mode> - set target(s) solidity, don't define mode to toggle
 67: player_notarget (targets) <0/1 mode> - set target(s) notarget, don't define mode to toggle
 68: player_position (target) - returns target position,
 69: player_resurrect (targets) <0/1 no respawn> - resurrect target(s)
 70: player_setmaxspeed (targets) (speed) - set target(s) max speed
 71: player_tag <targets> <tag> - tag target, visible only for admins. Run without arguments to view list
 72: player_tagfix - refresh tags on your view, in case something fucks up
 73: player_teleportaim (targets) - teleport target(s) to where you are aiming at
 74: player_teleportmeto (target) - teleport you to target
 75: player_teleportpos (targets) (vector) - teleport target(s) to position
 76: player_teleporttome (targets) - teleport target(s) to you
 77: player_viewmode (targets) (0/1 firstperson/thirdperson) - set target(s) viewmode
 78: say !freeze (targets) <0/1 mode> - freeze/unfreeze target(s), don't define mode to toggle
 79: say !give (targets) (weapon/ammo/item) - give target(s) stuff
 80: say !giveammo (targets) - give target(s) ammo
 81: say !nosolid (targets) <0/1 mode> - set target(s) nosolid mode, don't define mode to toggle
 82: say !resurrect (targets) <0/1 no respawn> - resurrect target(s)
 83: say !tag <targets> <tag> - tag target, visible only for admins. Run without arguments to view list
 84: say !tagfix - refresh tags on your view, in case something fucks up
 85: say !tpaim (targets) - teleport target(s) to where you are aiming at
 86: say !tpmeto (target) - teleport you to target
 87: say !tptome (targets) - teleport target(s) to you

Open Fortress

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Open Fortress is a source mod, meaning it cannot be installed in traditional ways. The OPF team uses SVN as a tool to deliver the files you need to a folder you need. They have a guide on their website here (, but look before for some Q&A not featured on that website.

What do I need to install?

Make sure you have Team Fortress 2 and Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer installed. Both of free, the second of which can be found in your Tools list on Steam.

What do I do if the SVN is lagging or not working

This may be an indicator that their SVN server is down, as it has been hit with DDosing or otherwise general lag

Where exactly does this install to?

This goes in your steamapps/sourcemods folder. However, this must be on the same drive located where your steam.exe is installed to.

If you're like me and have your Steam on your C:/ drive but your games installed on your D:/ or whatever, you can run this command in an admin privileged CMD window to link the two folders together.

  1. Delete the sourcemods folder you WON'T be using (The one where your steam is installed)

  2. Run this command
    mklink /d "C:\where_is_your_steam_installed\\steamapps\sourcemods" "D:\where_are_your_games_installed\steamapps\sourcemods"

  3. Restart steam and it should be here.


I have installed the game, but it isn't showing up, why?

Make sure you read the above, the game must be on the same drive as your steam.exe. If not, use that command to symlink your installations together. In rare cases, the game may still not appear even when having it installed right.

Note: If your steam installation is considerably old, you can try doing a full resinstall. You simply need to delete every folder except your steamapps folder, and your steam.exe. Run that exe, and your steam will be completely reinstalled.

Linux Q&A

I have installed the game, but it isn't showing up, why?

Make sure you read the above, the game must be on the same drive as your steam.exe. If not, use that command to symlink your installations together. In rare cases, the game may still not appear even when having it installed right.
ln -s /install_location/steamapps/sourcemods/ /other_location/Steam/steamapps/sourcemods

I am getting an insecured error when playing

Add this to your launch options
Launch options: -steam -steam (yes twice)