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Team Fortress 2



1 / 24 Players ● ctf_doublecross_snowy
General server, stock modes with some custom maps mixed in. Widely regarded as the "regular" server.
Rainbow Swirl
1 / 24 Players ● cp_kalinka_rc6a
Multi-mod server with custom character models, maps, gamemodes and more!
0 / 24 Players ● vsh_distillery
24/7 Freak Fortress
Front Line Fudge
0 / 10 Players ● mvm_production_rc6
A 24/7 Mann Versus Machine server! Featuring custom maps, a scaling difficulty and some well-needed tweaks!
0 / 32 Players ● pl_rainbowride_b7e
Hangout server where you can ... hang out. Also used to beta test new toys.
24/7 Engi-Fortress!


Nine distinct classes provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities. Constantly updated with new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats!


Global rules

  1. Our community is 18+, meaning you must be 18 years of age or older. This is to protect us and you. There are no exceptions.
  2. The use of any cheats, abusive exploits or bugs that give you an unfair advantage or otherwise disrupt gameplay is forbidden.
  3. The spamming or posting of advertisements, trade offers, invites to other groups, etc, without prior approval is forbidden.
  4. The sharing of illegal files, tools, or websites withour prior approval is forbidden.
  5. While our rules on humor / trash talk aren't strict, the use of abusive / dehumanizing language and or harrassment targeted towards a member / group of members and or people is forbidden. ( E.G. you can joke around, but don't be a shit )
  6. Light roleplaying / light sexual talk / joking is acceptable, but keep it minimal, it's not everyone's thing.
  7. Behavior that is overly aggressive, unreasonable, melodramatic, or otherwise disruptive is not tolerated.
  8. Ban evasion is always caught, and will have time added to existing punishments.
  9. We maintain the right to gag, mute, and or remove those from our servers / community that we feel are incompatible with our community "vibe" and or members within.

Team Fortress 2


  1. Spawn-camping is negated by spawn protection as well as alternate exits in most maps, it is not against the rules.


  1. If your micspam is loud, repetitive, offensive, or refuse to stop when asked, we will probably mute you.


  1. Sprays containing content that is illegal under U.S. law such is CP, Beastiality, Guro, Rape, and so on are forebidden. In addition, IRL pornographic sprays are also forbidden.


  1. The act of being "friendly" when the server is full or you're throwing your team down a player when it is already down one disrupts gameplay and is forbidden.