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This page is for a quick and comprehensive overview of maintained records. Both server patches and file management.

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  • open_fortress Icon
    Update for Open Fortress
  • Patchnotes

    Donator plugin no longer scrambles donator tag messages
    CTF capture counts scale down with player count, not up
    I mistakenly made it increase the capture count with more players, from 1-3, now it starts at 5 and decreases to 3 with larger games
  • open_fortress Icon
    Update for Open Fortress
  • Patchnotes

    Weapons now stick around when picked up
    Passion Punch
    Weapons can be picked up without any waiting period, but special weapons (The BFG / Quad Launcher) still have a cool down between respawning
    More weapons on spawn
    Passion Punch
    Unless otherwise overwritten by a map's config, you now spawn with the shotgun and dynamite in addition to the pistol and the crowbar
    Some donator effects have been ported over
    Passion Punch
    Custom join messages have been ported, other effects do not work at this time
    Frag limits now scale with player counts
    Passion Punch
    Fixed donator sprites taking up the entire map
    Passion Punch
    Donator sprites have been disabled as there is no humiliation round anyway
    The map vote now appears at the end of a map
    The map vote displays map names cleanly
    Fixed map vote not using the F1-F5 menu
    CTF capture counts are now based on player counts
    One more flag every 10 players!

    Map rotation update - Passion Fruit

    Map added - dm_2fort
    Map added - dm_backfort
    Map added - dm_bloodcovenant
    Map added - dm_bloodrun
    Map added - dm_byre
    Map added - dm_chestnut
    Map added - dm_coaltown
    Map added - dm_crossfire
    Map added - dm_darkzone
    Map added - dm_databank
    Map added - dm_deadlock
    Map added - dm_deadsimple
    Map added - dm_grain
    Map added - dm_gump
    Map added - dm_harvest
    Map added - dm_hollow
    Map added - dm_knoxx
    Map added - dm_lobstershore
    Map added - dm_longestyard
    Map added - dm_lumberyard
    Map added - dm_nucleus
    Map added - dm_offblast
    Map added - dm_overkill_dev
    Map added - dm_pitod
    Map added - dm_ravine
    Map added - dm_sawdust
    Map added - dm_skate
    Map added - dm_spillway
    Map added - dm_watchtower
    Map added - dm_watergate
    Map added - dm_wiseau
    Map added - mctf_2fort
    Map added - mctf_backfort
    Map added - mctf_badlands
    Map added - mctf_doublecross
    Map added - mctf_turbine
  • open_fortress Icon
    Update for Open Fortress
  • Map rotation update - Passion Fruit

    Map added - xdm_bloodcovenant_v2
    Map added - xdm_deadsimple_v2
    Map removed - dm_bloodcovenant
    Map removed - dm_deadsimple
    Map removed - dm_longestyard