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SCG Updates

This page is for a quick and comprehensive overview of maintained records. Both server patches and file management.

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  • goodboys Icon
    Update for Goodboys
  • Patchnotes

    Poe now keeps track of version numbers on all applicable servers and reports to Rowdy if a server is out of date
    Poe now properly organizes and delivers multiple event posts when multiple ones are set
  • goodboys Icon
    Update for Goodboys
  • Patchnotes

    -Fixed a bug with the boys disconnecting from Steam that would c
    Poe Artemus Centauri
    -Added a function to send messages to a list of friend IDs
    Poe Artemus
    -Fixed Poe not handling friend requests correctly
    -Fixed a crash relating to adding new friends to Poe's internal
    -Fixed a bug with all curse words getting filtered from Poe
    -Discord messages are now logged and recorded locally by Artemus
    -Fixed a crash bug related to Patreon donations
    -Added a number of functions related to sharing timed events wit
    Poe Artemus