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Discussion started on Friday, December 23rd, 2016 @ 03:47 AM EST by...

iconJon the Friendly Fox Species : Fox
"Half a bee, philosophically, must ipso-facto half not be. But can a bee be said to be, or not to be, an entire bee; You see?"


Spawn camping is not against the rules on all general servers due to spawn protection / multiple exits. If you think a map has too short or long a spawn protection time, let us know!

When using the report robot, the !report command, you message every online Admin. If you plan to report someone, make sure the reason is LEGIT. Crying wolf over and over will get really annoying and we will remove you for doing so.If it's a harmless accident, it's all good. We get people who do it on their friends for stupid reasons.


Porn sprays are fine, and most fetishes as well. If you don't like a spray then don't look at it.

Fetish sprays that can be seen as "disgusting" are asked to be removed, this cover things like scat.

Illegal sprays include anything illegal as dictated by the U.S. law, this is CP, Beastiality, Guro and Irl Rape.

Irl sprays are okay, but irl porn is not for legal reasons

Spraying over someone else's spray isn't against the rules. It can be seen as a dick move, but we're not going to ban anyone for it.


If you play a clip or a song, make sure it's in good quality. If the sound is too high, it'll become scratchy and is really annoying to hear. There are plenty of guides on how to do this properly.

Please switch up your material. It's generally annoying to hear the same thing over and over and over several times per match.

Be respectful of others, if you can tell everyone is playing a serious game and they're all talking with each other, that isn't the best time to play music.

Don't play over each other. I'm sure that one is really a given.


Team-stacking is against the rules as it causes gameplay issues.

In addition, trying to predict a team's victory / failure based on the team comp is considered bad sportsmanship and we may kick for it.

Leaving the server to clear your dominations / try and switch teams with unbalance is also against the rules.

Calling out a player for their choice of weaponry is against the rules, we do not change stats or ban weapons, visit a server that does if you have a problem with a particular item.

"Friendly" players aren't allowed if you're throwing your team down a player by doing so.

Don't get discouraged if you're not doing well, and don't get upset if people offer to help. The goal is to have fun, and you can still improve while doing so.

Important note, we will now working extra hard to eliminate any bad sportsmanship that goes on in game. We are trying to get rid of any try-harding , trash-talking players who invade the game and ruin the atmosphere with their actions. I refer specifically to anyone who feel the need to criticize players, or their weapons. People who insist on predicting the outcome of a game simply on team comp without giving the team a chance to perform. People who insist that winning is the only important thing and anything or one that gets in their way is a problem they need to deal with verbally or angrily.

These behaviours kill the spirit of things, they cause morale against players to die and ultimately they keep the servers hard to visit.

If you think someone is on who does these things, it is very important to share it with us. We do not know how everyone feels about each other and without any sort of input, we're left to do nothing.

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