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Discussion: Welcome to the Jewelbox! posted in SCG General

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What is the Jewelbox?

The Jewelbox is SCG's support and discussion forum, using a software built entirely in-house by Rowdy. It is designed to be used as a social tool for discussiing and providing support among SCG members for all of our servers, our mods, so on and so forth. It is the result of months of on and off program as well as plenty of user testing and input!

Why the name...Jewelbox?

The Jewelbox is named after the real life Jewelbox star cluster, (Kappa Crucis Cluster), which is located next to the Southern Cross Star. It is regarded as one of the brightest objects in the southern sky, as well as a true beauty.

...a superb piece of fancy jewellery

Sir John Herschel Knowledge, volume 13

What does the Jewelbox do?

Being the SCG support forum, the primary purpose here is to be a place to help provide support! For written explanations of server tools, plugins, commands, etc. As well as provide a place for questions and such.

A general list though?

  1. Fully built around Steam, you can login with your steam account directly, no need for any additional signups.
  2. Built to be fast, designed with Bootstrap to help support mobile devices
  3. Designed to be super moddable, allowing for all sorts of customized discussions and tools for said discussions
  4. Built into and as part of an overall central SCG framework to help ease up on where information is and how tools are managed.

For a more detailed look at what you can do, check out the Jewelbox Help section:

History of the Jewelbox

The Jewelbox began development around June of 2016 under the name "Project Moonlight", a month later a poll was given out looking for possible names. Among the choices were Aster Hall(Greek for star, from astro) and Apogee Hall(The farthest point a moon or satellite is furthest from earth).

Development stalled for a while until it was officially announced in November as part of the SCG 6th anniversary event. An open beta was offered for a few months, only advertised to people on the Discord and the Steam chat, but was closed down in May in order to finish up work on the final version.

The Jewelbox was officially branded '1.0.' on August 1st, 2017.

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