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Discussion: Gamemode: FortWars posted in Team Fortress 2 guides


FortWars is a gamemode created by Matheus28 where both teams are tasked with building a large fort out of assorted props to defend a capture point, an intelligence, or a player holding an intelligence (similar to KOTH).

Each team has a large setup time where they will build their "fort" to the best of their ability. Once the setup time ends, the game begins.

Props are bought and paid for with money (not real obv), you earn money by killing enemies and completing rounds. Any props you have built that do not get destroyed are refunded to you at the end of the round.

You must unlock classes with money as well! You will notice this in the menu (!fwmenu).


sm_fwhelp - Opens the help menu.
sm_fwmenu - Opens the FortWars menu.
sm_fwresetspawn - Resets your spawn point
sm_fwunstuck - Gets you out of being stuck
sm_fwgivemoney - Gives money to another player
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