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Discussion started on Friday, October 6th, 2017 @ 02:59 AM EDT by...
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The same website...just...shorter.

For years upon years, our domain for our site has been This has serviced us pretty much exactly as intended, but...I've always wanted something shorter. And now... we do!

The .wtf domain hasn't been around long, only since 2014, while we've had since 2011! It hasn't been a super huge priority to switch, but it's finally done.

Why you ask? is a pain the ass to type all the time, is so much easier, easier to remember too! Just remember...SCG, with the furries! still works mind you, it just redirects now and it always will, for the sake of history and google we won't give up the domain, but is the new main.

Oh btw, "SCG with the furries" is the best slogan for this ever and it was Kent's idea, give him a headpat if you see him!

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