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[size=14pt]Rowdy's Assistant![/size]

~~Job : Be Rowdy's assistant! Help him remember stuff he's supposed to do, make sure he stays on task!

Fun : Not very unless you're cool with keeping notes / bossing Rowdy around.

Requirements : Steam and / or Skype. Friendly attitude. Cookies.

Description: I'm a very busy individual, and I have a lot of maintenance and stuff I need to do on a constant basis. This can be very over-whelming at times and I could really use someone to force me to keep going with things. You must be able to record tasks / notes, on a calender or something similar. You may also be asked to take in reports / converse with people who are unable to talk to me directly, as a lot of people are scared / unsure how.

How to apply : Send an email of why you want to be my assisstant and some related skills to my email! [email protected]~~

[size=14pt]Event Organizers![/size]

Job : Help organize events for the group! Help get people interested in them as well!

Fun : shrugs

Requirements : Steam and / or Skype. Friendly attitude. Cookies.

Description: This job would basically be to help arrange events for the group, like game nights and such. The details of such would be like learning about how a particular game worked and be able to tell me anything super important I should know. The key part would be helping spread information! Via Twitter, facebook, our FA page, etc. You'd get access to these pages and I would trust you to be friendly and etc when talking to people!


Other jobs will be posted here when needed, check back on a regular basis! If you're still looking to help but there's nothing here that interests you, you could always donate and help me cover costs!

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