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Hello! And welcome to the 4th SCG Community journal, this week I wanna share what I've been working on with tf2 and minecraft and such. But I'll go over the other stuff too! Sorry i'm late this week, I got caught up in some stuff >w>...


New donators stuff + the Store launches on Friday!

After a few weeks in beta testing, the SCG store will open up officially this Friday! I would of had it done sooner had it not been for stuff that kept comin' up. The store, in a nutshell, is a replacement to the Loyalty points system. Except this one has better open programming which lets us add in new and neat stuff at a much faster basis.
I've tried to keep it quiet but people kept finding it and bleh. >w>

I'll have all the details and such about it come Friday :3

New Minecraft information coming next week

After some delays, the new Minecraft server will be up and active soon, full of all kinds of mods, a dedicated support team and a world full of lore and possibilities, it'll be an amazing welcome to the summer!

Reminder + explanation, server IPs

Yes, I've mentioned a thousand times now that we are getting new Server IPs and I had said on June 1st they'd come into play. However, at the present moment I've hit a snag, trying to get the hardware set up has hit a few issues and I'm working to get them in order, regardless, just continue to keep an eye on the forums, the posts, twitter account, whatever, for up to date information!

Want to assisst in making photoshop ads?

I'd like to have someone assisst me with some photoshop advertisements for stuff if anyone wants to help! I can't really pay much but I have some metal or a few keys I could toss away for some help. The advertisements would be for specific server stuff like gamemodes or a server itself. If you're interested, comment here or toss me a message!

New admin stuff goes into beta next week!

I won't bother being a tease on this, I've made a bot that helps handle user reports, lets the admins know ASAP that something bad is happening. I'll toss it up next week and see how it works! It should be fun and or scary.

Movie this week is LOTR III

To conclude the trilogy this week, we'll be playing LOTR III this week, at 9:00 PM ET on Saturday!
Check out more info here!

Trivia Night on Sunday

Sunday night at 9:30 PM ET is Trivia night on Rainbow! Come on in and answer the questions to win the prize! This week, the trivia will be themed after 90's era Video games!
Check out more info here!


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