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Hello! Today I have a new update for you, check out what was changed or added!



-Added Fennec , Human, Red Panda, Panda, Pony, and Pokemon, to the list of selectable species titles!


-Added koth_nucleus to the map list under Koth
-Moved koth_king to the "overplayed" map section
-Removed koth_trainsawlaser_b2 and replaced it with b3
-Changed the timelimit on koth_trainsawlaser from 20 to 15 minutes
-Added a new category to the map list called ... "New"

New category is meant for new maps on the server that haven't passed quality testing, they are treated differently than other maps and will feature a rating option. They do not at this time as I'm still setting it up!

-Added pl_goldheist_canyon_final_v1 to the map list under "New"
-Removed cp_badlands and replaced it with cp_badlands_pro

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