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[size=14pt]What is the store? [/size]

The Store is a replacement for the loyalty points system that I installed originally, meant to better handle points as well as provide a whole new set of benefits, much better than the previous system did. It also helps clear up some potential lag the old loyalty points system had. And rather than set up to give you access to individual things, the store makes it easy to set up all your neat stuff at one place!

[size=14pt]How does it work?[/size]

To purchase items on the store, you need points; called "Lexes". To obtain Lexes, all you need to do is play! For every 3 minutes you're on the server, you get 9 points. When there are more people in game, you earn less points, from 9 to 3 per 3 minutes. However, you also earn points for killing players. When you've accumulated points, you can use them via the [color=yellow]!store[/color] command.

[size=14pt]What all can I get?[/size]

The items you're able to purchase from the store included colored name / chat colors, one time use Saxxy's, and tags with your fursona species in them!

When you purchase an item, you need to equip it with the [color=yellow]!inventory[/color] command.

Name colors
Chat Colors
One time (map) use Saxxy's
Fursona titles , Ex: [Crux] {SCG} Rowdy the Crux : Yay!

[size=14pt]Will you ever offer pay to win items like better weapons, immunities, or god mode?[/size]

No. >:C

There is a color / fursona title not there that I want, how can I get it?[/size]

Got a suggestion? Let me know! I can add it in for ya! This can include species names, colors, etc.

[size=14pt]What about about donators? What do we get?[/size]

In addition to the !donators menu stuff, donators also get 1 of every item on the store and 100 one time use Saxxys.

[size=14pt]Lastly, what commands are there for us to use?[/size]

!store - opens the store
!inventory - opens your inventory
!lexes - checks your Lexes count

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