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Discussion: Gscramble - SCG's scramble system posted in Team Fortress 2

[size=14pt]What is it?[/size]

GScramble is the scrambler / balance system SCG uses, ours however is specially modified to fix a few different issues. This plugin is designed to help balance the teams, and scramble player order whenever stacking / steam rolling is detected. It also has blocks in place that stops players from stacking , should they want to do so.


[color=orange]!prefrence - Allows you to select a team you prefer when the server does a scramble. This does not guarantee that you will be sent to this team.
votescramble / scramblevote / sausage - Chat triggers to indicate you want to vote for a scramble.


[size=14pt]How it works[/size]

The following are written explanations of various settings we have. They are not in any order so sorry for the randomness of their arrangement. These are the settings that can be voted on to be changed if you disagree with their set up! Don't be afraid to speak up!

[size=12pt]When a scramble can occur[/size]

When a team has won twice in a row.
When one team has failed to ever capture a koth point during a round.
When the frag ratio is greater than or equal to (2.0)
When a round has ended in less than (2 minutes)
When a the average score difference is (10)
When the average domination difference is (5)
The following round after a vote to scramble has passed.

[size=12pt]Scramble settings[/size]

If a scramble happens during round setup, medics will have their ubers recharged.
If a scramble happens during round setup, the timer will reset.
No one is immune to scrambles.
When a scramble occurs, it will scramble the teams by class composition to create a better mix of teams.
Scrambles will not happen unless there are 8 or more people in game.
Vote scrambles are possible with 6 or more people in game only.
Vote scrambles that pass will happen when the current round is over.

[size=14pt]Balance settings[/size]

Players who have capped a point / intel within 60 seconds of balance will be ignored.
Players dueling will be be ignored.
Engineers with buildings will be ignored.
If an imbalance (2 player diff) is detected, the teams will balance within (10) seconds.
If a strict imbalance (4 player diff) is detected, the teams will auto balance immediately.
Teams are auto balanced at the start of each round.
[color=orange]SCG ONLY : The auto balance will balance by LOWEST SCORE. Meaning if you have the lowest score on your team, you will be pushed to the other if you have to. This was put in by special request by me and done by our own Dr.Krunklehorn. I wanted this after noticing many occasions where random and often very loyal players on a team were kicked off to a team they may of been spending a whole round killing.[/color]

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