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On Monday, the 25th, it's been 3 years since SCG first started.

I started SCG with 100 dollars and the desire to run a Team Fortress 2 server. Then I had done so.

Over the last three years, I've shared a lot of laughs, cries, good times and have made great memories with everyone I've met here. You people have given me a purpose in life, and have given me so much. I wish I could give you all what you've wanted, but damned if I'm not trying.

I will continue to run SCG and continue to try and make it as best as I can, I've been getting help with my faults, and I'm now able to employ the help of others.

We will be doing some events relating to a 3 years event. Raffles and giveaways and such. Here is to another year of SCG.

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