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Discussion: Meet the Hoosk posted in Introductions!

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**About me :**Hey there, I'm Hoosk! I'm one of SCG's first multi-game admins for Southern Cross Gaming, as well as one of the hosts
for the Sunday Night Streaming events! I typically hang around the groupchat trying to keep the peace, but even when I'm not, I'm
pretty easygoing and fun to talk to, so dont hesitate to say hi sometime! I'm an amateur writer, a chef, and a goof!


**Species :**For general purposes, I'm a Siberian Husky. But with how I word it, I'm typically a little fluffier than most, so that's
how i started calling myself a hoosk, and how i ended up using it as my name.


What do I do here : I'm one of the few admins that watches over several of our game servers as well as the groupchat. I also tend to
stream with Rowdy and a few of our friends on Sundays, where we play games on stream for giggles or just to have a nice time with
the groupmembers. I also tend to get Rowdy a lot of information when he's absent, so if you need something taken care of and he's
not here, come give me a poke!


**Where can you find me :**

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