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Discussion: JB Update - 1.1.0 posted in Jewelbox feedback

The following are changes for the Jewelbox, this will bring it into version 1.1.0. as soon as it is published online.

New features

Legacy posts
-Posts from the old SCG forums are slowly being reintroduced into the new system, they will appear as ownerless threads until they are assigned new owners and put into proper channels. More information about legacy posts can be seen here:
-Support for the domain is finished
Settings page
-A tab for Game settings has been added, game settings is a separate page for settings relating to SCG server operations
-Minecraft settings have been added to the game settings page, you are able to set the location and name of your residence to appear on your profile, if you set your minecraft UUID, your mc avatar head will show up in its place.
-A full edit button has been added to threads, allowing you to edit all details of your post. (This doesn't really add much unless you have extended post permissions)


-A number of bug fixes have been implemented
-The settings page has been adjusted so that the final confirmation button stands out
-Fixed the directory warning error when uploading a new avatar
-Installed a number of error catches for invalid steam profile data
-Fixed a bug with user nicknames / steam names not being adjusted correctly
-Fixed a bug with user sessions not being dumped frequently
-Fixed a security bug with user settings

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