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Suggestions for Minecraft:
No one has brought up anything they really want to see done. Speak up in the comments, post a topic to discuss on the forums, or speak to an admin if you have ANY ideas!

Nether was reset on April 1st, enjoy the quartz!

Rowdy wishes to have a Hunger Games event on Heraberry server within a set area.
For those unfamiliar with it, it's FFA minecraft!

Issues and Bugs: 5

Minor: 3
-Strange glitch in Hylefell that prevented blocks from being removed. [glitch] (dealt with)
-Beds only face west. (fixed)
-Boats not dropping as items anymore. (fixed)
-An Enderman killed Shinskii and was banned back to The End.

Major: 0

-Items with a health status degraded and broke nearly instantly when degraded. (fixed)
-Servers went down on the Mar 31 due to unexplained paranormal phenomena (Herobrine). (fixed)

Note from the author:
If anyone reads this, please let me know what you think of the report, anything I should include in the report and future suggestions for the server you'd like me to mention in the report.

Have fun everyone! 8D


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