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HELLO everyone!

I'll keep this short and sweet for now! I'd like us to start a new sort of community thing where we show off our creativity to each other. Care to take part? I hope so! Even if you're not a good artist, there is no reason not to participate :3

So what this is, is each week, we pick a theme! And we draw whatever we want pertaining to said theme. It may be something like a setting, or a scene, or even an art style. Something to give us unique challenges.

NOW! Here are the rules! IF for some reason you make it NSFW, please TELL US THAT. In your post! And don't direct link it here, post a link to where it is. :3 And don't use other people's stuff unless you ask first. We don't want any drama with this!


Summer! It recently was the first day of summer, and summer means heat, beaches, oceans, vacation~ Summer is a fun time of year for most. Not me though! I hate heat DX But moving on, the theme is summer :3 Draw something summer-y. Anything you think captivates summer! Go! Go for it! You have a week to do it! Post em here when you're done!

And have fun!

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