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For donating to SCG, you will get the following TF2 benefits!

Custom overlay/chat join message:

Let the server know when you're on with some witty chat message! As well as an on screen overlay message!

For the overlay, use the command "" in console, or edit it from your settings page!
And for the chat message, use the command sm_joinmsg "join message here" in console!

Rainbow text:

Use the command /rainbowize, your text will now be all colorful! Note: This breaks long sentences, so it's mostly a silly thing.

Kill effects:

/killeff <0/1/2> - Changes your kill effect!
0 = No effect, 1 = Gold statues, 2 = Turn to ash! Note: You need to switch classes after changing your setting, it's the only way it'll actually change!

End of round sprite:

Use !donators to open your donator menu, you will get a list of end of round sprites to pick from to have appear over your head!

Donator benefits are strictly fun cosmetic things only! Donating really helps out SCG, so if you'd like to, please visit our donations page here.

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