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Discussion: How to appeal a ban posted in Ban appeals

Yes, we make mistakes, we are human ... or are we???

If you've been banned and you feel you were wrongly banned, here is where you make your case! Simply start a new thread and make your case.

Give us as many details as possible, chat logs, screenshots, anything you think will help. It helps to maintain a calm composure when appealing a ban, if you're upset and or angry then there isn't much motivation to listen. If you don't want to make a public case, that is fine, feel free to hit me up on Steam or my email

Be warned! If you decide to make a public case, we will make our own if we feel we must. That means we will provide evidence such as chat logs, screen-caps, and user testimonies! Please consider this before making a fool of yourself!

For making new threads, use this handy-dandy template.

Steam profile: (If you joined here from a non steam account)
Date banned:
Reason for ban:

Why you should be unbanned: 

Any additional details:
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