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Note : This is literally for Tellah and myself but this is technically what the JB was made for.

Proxima Centauri - The SCG Server operator


What is Centauri?

Proxima Centauri is a bot that allows specific admins to manage SCG servers using a series of simple commands. It was built to replace our need for a license for TCAdmin to process the server operations.

Why the name?

Proxima Centauri is named after the actual third star of the Alpha Centuari system. Alpha Centauri A and B make up The Southern Pointer, as they form a line that points to the Southern Cross.

Commands - Telegram

Telegram is easy as heck, all of the commands are baked right in.


The server list is automatically populated, if your server is not on here, something has gone terribly wrong.


Commands -- Steam

The command structure works like so...

!<command> <servername> (Ex: !restart chocolate -- Restarts Chocolate)

In order to interact with a server, the syntax is the as described above. The commands you may use are below.

details - Provides a list of details / data about the specified server, useful for debugging
restart - Restarts the server
start - Starts the server process
stop - Stops the server process
update - Runs an update, updates the server ecosystem (Steam-Update, LGS) along with the game itself
force-update - Runs an update but updates the game server only
validate - Validates the game installation
test-alert - Sends a test alert for debugging purposes

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