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Please read this carefully, there are some pretty important things you should know!

Welcome to the 2.0. update of the Jewelbox, there are some pretty big changes here but some aren't totally finished yet. Please expect and report bugs, I will be pushing out another update as soon as I can, this is a one man effort and a lot harder than I expected ^w^;;

There is very basic support for alternative logins, such as telegram and discord, but they aren't perfectly finished yet and I want to make absolutely sure they are before I implement them site wide. This was a decision I didn't enjoy making but I also didn't want to rush this more than I already did!

Jewelbox 2.0 - Beta Update

Added :

-A new looking for group / member directory has been added to view all of the JB members along with other game information stuff. Looking for Nintendo Switch friends, Discord friends, etc. You can find this page here :
-You can add your game data to your profile using the settings menu
-Sub forums have been replaced with built in wikis! A wiki thread is displayed differently, has a longer character limit, and features a table of contents. Wikis are currently an admin only tool.
-There is now an all topic page, where all topics are shown in order in which they've last been updated. You can find it here :
-The profiles page is now completed! In addition, the bio section on your settings page now accepts a Jewelbox URL, you can use it to paste in the url to your introduction thread! You can view mine as an example here :


-The main menu of the JB has been redesigned,, more changes may come soon!
-The settings menu has been completely redesigned
-Preferred names have now been changed to Usernames, your username is unique across the board and different from your login names
-Members have been moved in a static ID system rather than using steam to keep track of everything
-The donators page has been properly fixed up and moved to a new location,
-The search page has been completely redesigned and now searches site-wide tags accurately
-In addition, site-wide tags have also been redesigned to better track important topics
-The image link tool in the post editor now supports a movement syntax
![img]({.left} You may adjust the .left with .right or .center
-Avatar sizes have been increased from 100x100 pixels, to 184x184 pixels


-A bug with the reply edit section not rendering post previews correctly has been fixed
-When moving a thread, an issue with replies being hidden no longer occurs
-When editing a thread that features tags, it will now properly show those tags as checked
-Fixed a bug with flair tool-tips not rendering in the right spot, or at all in some cases
-A number of security updates have been implemented and some bugs fixed
-More error catching has been implemented
-The birthday selector on the settings page has been fixed to only show the day, month, and year