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icon'Murican Apple Species : Russian Ovcharka
Let us acquire this bread.

Hello hello, and hello again!

Good day, you fine fluffy, scaly, feathery or other folks!

I am 'Murican Apple, or simply Nikolai, Nick, Nicky, whatever floats your boat, and I've come here out of interest of finding some like-minded companions to embark on epic gaming quests with!

I play all sorts of games, but I mainly play TF2, Rainbow Six: Siege, PayDay 2, and Minecraft in terms of multiplayer games. However, I do play the Metro, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout series, as well as various other titles. I enjoy talking about these games in particular.

As with many other furballs, I do enjoy the artwork of anthropomorphic creatures and I have multiple OCs--my main one, which I use to express myself, being a giant Caucasian Ovcharka named "Nikolai".

If anybody wants to read information about my OC, I'm attaching some info to the end of this. Thank you very much for reading this far as well! Have a cookie.
gives you cookie

Name: Nikolai Mandlavic
Sex: Male
Height: 302 cm
Weight: 350 kg
Basic description

Nikolai is a rather heavyset canine, but one who does not mind his weight one bit. He has a thick, very fluffy double-layered coat of dark brown and smokey gray pigments--which, when combined with his stout muzzle, makes him look a bit like a bear and dog mixed together.

((Edit #1: I forgot to mention that I do roleplay, and I love meeting new people to play with! Feel free to hit me up on Discord: 'Murican Apple#1910

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iconRowedahelicon Species : Crux Founder
"Crazy is as Crazy does"

Hello! :3

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