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This is super experimental, maybe don't use it until we say so, okay!

Because the SvenCoop server has a ton of files on it, I have assembled this nifty set of scripts to help download everything you may need. There are around ~20 gigs of files on the Sven server, we will most likely be trimming this so again, please use caution when using this and note that you really shouldn't until we say so!

This is for Windows only.

  1. Open a Powershell window in your SteamLibrary/SteamApps/common/Sven Co-op/svencoop_addon folder by holding down shift and right-clicking in your explorer, then select "Open Powershell window here"


  1. First paste in the following script by selecting the text below, and right clicking in your Powershell window to paste the text then press enter to execute it.
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "master_list.txt"

$missingItems = New-Object System.Collections.Generic.List[System.Object]

foreach($line in Get-Content .\master_list.txt) {
    if(!(Test-Path ./$line))
        Write-Host "$line is missing from your installation!"

$missingItems | Out-File 'missing_files.txt'

This script will download a copy of the server's file manifest and save it as 'master_list.txt', it will them compare this list with the files in your addon folder and find all of the missing files. These will get saved in a file called 'missing_files.txt'

  1. Optional, press enter and then paste and run the following script
$allowed_files = "(\.wad)$","(\.bsp)$","(\.txt)$","(\.mdl)$","(\.cfg)$","(\.wav)$","(\.mp3)$","(\.tga)$","(\.res)$","(\.spr)$","(\.bmp)$"
$allow_regex = [string]::Join('|', $allowed_files)

foreach($line in Get-Content .\missing_files.txt) {
    if(!(Test-Path ./$line))
        if($line -match $allow_regex){
            Write-Host "$line - File downloaded" -ForegroundColor green
            Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "$line" -OutFile $line
            Write-Host "$line - File ss, moving on..." -ForegroundColor green
        Write-Host "$line - File exists, moving on..." -ForegroundColor green

Write-Host "Download complete!"

This script will now read your missing_files.txt and download each missing file from the download server and put them in the correct spot. While we take careful steps to make sure harmful files are not kept on the download server in our file manifests, for your protection this code makes sure to only download files that Sven normally uses.

When this finishes and you are greeted with the "Download complete!" then you are all set! Again, it is best to wait to use this until we give the go ahead!

Optionally, you can instead use your missing_files.txt as a file list to run through your favorite downloader tool.