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Discussion: SCG Discord rules and conduct! posted in SCG General

Note : Review the global rules of SCG, nothing out of the ordinary but worth a read!

Discord Rules and Conduct

This here is just a general list of stuff to look over, please take a moment to read it over before you finish joining!

  1. No political discussions

  2. Please no uwu lovey dovey rp text chat with your sex master, this isn't that kind of Furry group!

  3. Please keep all topics in appropriate channels. General chat is for general hellos and small talk. Funposting-General is our off-topic shitposting meme channel so please keep all random pointless off-topic stuff there! Keep general clean!

  4. NSFW links are only allowed in Nsfw-Art, anywhere else we ask that you spoiler the link and mark it as NSFW!

  5. The sfw-art and nsfw-art channels are for sharing artwork made by you, or belongs to you. This is for the benefit of people in the group, not for outsiders who just want to share their stuff and nothing more, there are plenty of other communities better suited for that sort of thing!

  6. The community is made up of people from all over the world with all sorts of backgrounds and upbringings. We're not all going to agree on every little thing so keep that in mind when discussing things with your fellow members! If something is a little too much for you, it's best to step away for a moment.

  7. If you have a problem, concern, suggestion, anything at all...Do not be afraid to speak up. The community only gets better when we all work together. Not sure where to start? Write to anyone in the SCG Admins role for help!

  8. The Discord, along with the group itself, are for persons 18+!

Thanks for reading, and welcome to SCG! Hopefully you stick around and make some memories with us! If you haven't already done so, please write /welcome in the general chat to get full discord access!

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