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Team Fortress 2

Discussion started on Sunday, May 5th, 2019 @ 04:46 PM EDT by...
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Super Zombie Fortress

Super Zombie Fortress, or SZF, is a Team Fortress 2 game mode that pits a group of humans in a fight for survival against a group of zombies. The human team must survive for a set time or in some cases, complete a trial or objective.

The zombie team consists of Scouts, Spies, and Heavies; the human team are the rest of the remaining classes.


(! / sm) zf_menu - Brings up the Zombie Fortress help menu
(! / sm) zf - Ditto

Features of this mode include

AI Director - tweaks everything based on survivor performance
Advanced Music system - plays L4D2 music appropriate for your situation. Be it intense or calm.
Frenzy system revamped - It now depends entirely on how the AI director judges survivor performance
Advanced Zombie Spawn system - When zombies are 'frenzied', they spawn faster, and close to the survivors (much like Left 4 Dead).
Goo Balls - Scouts are armed with the sandman. When hit by a baseball, a cloud of goo appears which will hurt anyone nearby. Basically the equivalent of L4D2's Spitter.
Backstabs no longer instantkill - Instead, they stun the victim for 5 seconds and puts them down to 10 hp. This allows victims to recover from a backstab if they have a good team, but if they're surrounded by zombies, they're fucked.
No knockback for Heavies - They're unstoppable! (almost)
Tanks - Survivors might need to fight a strong, powerful Heavy!
Last Stand - The last survivor gets 100% crit chance in his stand to survive until the time limit.
More zombies - Zombies are generally more common
Overpowered weapons removed - This includes: Sticky/Rocket jumper and Katana.
... not to mention all features of vanilla (Perkless) Zombie Fortress!

Note : This is the last public 1.05 version, you may be used to more up to date versions of this mod that we do not have. That said, suggestions for improvements are welcome and we encourage feedback!


Super Zombie Fortress was created by Mecha the Slag, who credits this as a modification to the original TF Zombie Fortress by Dirtyminuth, who credits his version to the following

Sirot, the original developer of ZF. None of this would be possible without his original work!
SnarfyBobo, for general brainstorming, alpha testing, and analysis!
The Crazy GFL (especially Tony, Wander, Adjo, Fat Elvis, and ArmysDeath), an excellent ZF community that has provided invaluable amounts of feedback!
intox Gaming (especially cLutch), another great ZF community!
AlliedMods, for managing this excellent website and development community!

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