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Did you know Poe keeps an eye out for active games? When a game is considered "active", there are some notifcations that go out! Would you like to see said notifications? Know when it's time to play? Here's the details!


Join the SCG Service Notifications channel! When a game is kicking off, you'll get a beep boop letting you know! This covers all existing SCG servers.


Discord also features notifications when server games are starting up, have ended, and in some cases when a map has been voted.

What classifies as an active game?

  1. Each server has a threshold of an active game and an ended game. When the player count is seen to be higher than an active threshold, a notification is sent out with any important details.
  2. When the player count of a currently active server drops below the player ending threshold, the game is considered "over" and a follow up message may be sent out.
  3. In some cases, when an active game has started an a map vote takes place, the discord may also get a follow up notice.

There are still some things to be done, ideas to be improved on, so on! Got any suggestions? Let me know!