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Being an admin is super easy, just know how to find this page if you need it and it's all here really.

Admin commands

How to use commands

All commands are done either in chat or console. Chat commands should be prefaced with a / and console commands are prefaced with an sm_ (E.g. sm_ban | /ban)

When kicking by a name, you only need to type enough letters that sourcemod can determine who you're referring to. If you are trying to kick assbagmcgee, try using sm_kick assbag

When in doubt, use your admin menu by typing /admin

kick <name> <reason> - Kicks a player from the server
ban <name> <time in minutes> <reason> - Bans a player from the server
psay <name> <message> - Sends a private message to a member, best used when warning someone of something
mute <name> <time in minutes, default 30> - Mutes a player from speaking over voice
gag <name> <time in minutes, default 30> - Gags a player from typing in text chat
silence <name> <time in minutes, default 30> - Both mutes and gags a player
happy <name> - Toggles happy on a player, their text chat is auto filtered so random silly phrases

General protocols

The idea is to make the server a fun environment for everyone playing. This means keep kids out, keep arguments to a minimum, keep the game fun. When dealing with a problem player, bans should always be a last resort (Unless of course they are a child or a hacker).

Using the psay command to warn people of potentially bad behavior (Like aggressive playing) helps keep the general flow of the game fun. No one likes to hear anyone yell, even if it's not targeted at them.

Take note of everything you do, if a player is being a problem be sure to get screenshots or demo videos if possible.

Rules to enforce

You should be accustomed to the rules list on our page here! But as a general rule of thumb, the most important rules are :

  1. No kids
  2. No cheaters
  3. Don't feed the trolls

Lastly, if there is anything you need, any questions you have, please feel free to consult the admin room! Either your assigned game room or the general room. Everyone in there is there for each other's advice and benefit. Keeping SCG alive is a group effort and you're not in it alone!