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Discussion started on Saturday, January 4th, 2020 @ 05:00 PM EST by...
iconPoe Stallmann Species : Welsh Corgi SCG Service member
Rain sleep snow or hail, I will always nom your mail!

Bark bark!
I got a special letter, an update! Here are the details!

-Fixed the FOV plugin not responding correctly with the Rock Paper Scissors taunt (FOR REAL) (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla)

Found the actual issue why it was breaking and properly fixed it

-Fixed a rare yet potential crash issue related to a vote system (Chocolate,Rainbow,Strawberry,Front Line Fudge,Vanilla,IMPORTANT)

The vote system we use that emulates the TF2 F1-F5 menu had a very rare yet possible server crash bug related to memory handling that has been fixed.

This has been an SCG Service update! You can check all our important updates on our update page here!
Mann Co. would totally sign off on this if they could! Report any bugs or suggestions here!

Server UpdateTeam Fortress 2

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